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Go_Nosis 10th December 2005 01:35 PM

Once I find a decent Tooie for sale via the net, Chaotic, I'll get to work on Hailfire Peaks. Any reason why you believe that stage should be checked out?

xtreme6789v2 10th December 2005 05:53 PM

Okay, I have been following along in these forums for a while... I have Banjo Kazooie and Tooie for N64 but the BK has gotten all the six eggs already. I did just try that "glitch" in Jolly Roger's Bar. From what I tested, it appears that turning on that song and firing a clockwork kazooie egg results in those seagulls and a new musical score to come in, as long as the clockwork piece lands on an object for a second. If you detonate it immediately, then it will not play. If you fire it in the air and detonate as it is falling, it will not activate the music either. Firing the egg for a second on a windowsill, the room next to the bar, the stools, the tables, the bar itself, the chests, his bed, etc. all result in the music playing, not just firing behind him. It seems to be a triggered event of sorts. Leaving the bar with an egg then returning will not work either, same with firing the egg before the music plays... Just so you know a little more about that.

slaphappy 10th December 2005 06:27 PM

Interesting finds xtreme. It definitely is triggered by a certain chain of events.

As for my prior posts, my mistake, it wasn't scribes, it was from Uncle Tusk. Either way...

Dear Uncle Tusk,
I'll get right to the point. I have two questions for you.
I own Banjo-Tooie and have completed most of the game except for the major mysteries. I'd like to know if there is a third race against Canary Mary like she mentioned. My only clues are the signs that read "She who mends carts can also fix mice."
My second question is this. I have found something that I am not sure of as to if it's a glitch or part of a secret. This is the "glitch". In Jolly's Bar, first you must play the "Shopping Around Town" track on the jukebox. Then, stand on the table in front of Captain Blackeye and launch a Clockwork Kazooie egg either behind Blackeye, behind the barrel to the right of him, or in front of the picture to the left of captain Blackeye (the picture of Shark Food Island viewed from outside). Then detonate the Clockwork egg in either of those locations. After this, the music will change slightly and you will hear seagulls and wind blowing, it sounds almost exactly as it did in Treasure Trove Cove in Banjo-Kazooie. I'd like to know if this is a glitch or part of a code? If it is part of a code, could I possibly get more hints about it?

Uncle Tusk replies: Right, let's get designertastic answers to both of these because, essentially, I can't be arsed with them. First up, the race:
"Once you've thrashed Mary at both handcart races in Glitter Gulch Mine, the feathered freak takes wing and swoops up into the clouds, threatening to bump into our duo again. Believe it or not, this is a thinly-veiled clue to the bird's later reappearance on Cloud Cuckooland (challenging B-K to an aerial race aboard a clockwork mouse), much later in the adventure. You obviously haven't quite reached such lofty heights yet."
And the jukebox: "'Glitch', sir? I am offended, as is the inconsolable programmer I've just shown this mail to. 'Tis no glitch, but one of the many tiny idiosyncrasies deliberately fashioned into the product just to demonstrate how much love and effort we poured into it. Honest."

Kratos_Aurion 10th December 2005 07:14 PM

Okay, something strange just happened. I entered the code to make the jukebox work (I entered it backwards, as I don't have the cheato pages), went to the jukebox, played a few other songs, began playing Shopping Around Town, stood in the doorway between the jukebox and Cap'n Blackeyes room, fired the egg, detonated it directly behind him (as close to him as I could get from behind), and the seagulls began playing. I proceeded to attack each of the treasure chests (A+B attack and Z+B attack, can't remember actual names, sorry), jumped at all of the pictures, and spoke to Blackeye several times. Then, I stood directly in front of the jukebox, and paused the game, and it froze, with a warped soundtrack playing. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but it just seemed strange...

ChaoticTH 11th December 2005 04:02 PM

it's not SnS related, I'll tell you THAT much.

And I say Hailfire peaks for Gobi and Boggy, 2 creatures that represent fire and ice, theres also the ice cubes, snowball, and many other suspicious stuff, also, I have a few more places that i have suspicion for.

Mayahem temple
Glitter gulch mine
Witchyworld(Only the outer region)
Jolly roger's lagoon(Done)
Grunty industries
Hailfire peaks
Cloud cuckoo land(Outer region)
Cauldron keep(Inner region)

and I got BK from eBay, but I can't play it right now due to tech difficulties...

And no gameshark, so I won't get the items, I'll do anything that doesn't involve gameshark OR the eggs and key.

xtreme6789v2 11th December 2005 04:17 PM

Alright, just so you all know, I have an N64 with no gameshark and sadly all the SNS items known thus far (six eggs and key), but I will keep those items in case anyone wants to try out any theories regarding all six of them. Just contact me somehow, email, instant messaging, etc. if it is important, otherwise I will read it up in the forum. So far, I have noticed a good deal of theories on the site and we may want to find a better way of organizing things. Maybe separate threads for different theories? Not just proposing them, but actually trying to rule them out. Just a thought. Good luck everyone on SNS! Together, we can take down that evil company known as Rare and solve SNS!!! *laughing insanely*

ChaoticTH 11th December 2005 04:31 PM

...Honestly, what were they on when they deleted SnS?

Kratos_Aurion 11th December 2005 06:31 PM

Has anyone ever done the seagull thing with the jukebox with only the pink egg (meaning no other SNS items) in their inventory? Just a thought, but it may trigger something, with all of the hints toward it and the area it's in and such.

repobanjo 11th December 2005 07:52 PM

Well, we could do one thing that has been on the strange and controversial list for a long time. Backwards Masking. Someone could play one of the songs backwards, and the song might sound like something or someones voice we might need to talk to. Maybe the backwards playing would help us remmeber something from BK thats crucial to SNS, such as making sounds from the Tiptup Choir, or having it sound like the Furnace 'O Fun.

Hey, it worked for Doom 2, why not BT?

qwertybub3 11th December 2005 11:49 PM

worked for Doom 2?

dmoss 12th December 2005 03:48 AM

*back again...only for a moment*

Wow, reapo! Your mind works on another level...that is a great idea. Seriously! You never know what we could hear...Also, I think the "Only-get-the-pink-egg-trick" might have something to it, Kratos! I'm so proud...

*wipes away tear; walks away slowly*

GameandWatch33 12th December 2005 03:51 AM

It appears that I have missed a lot. I am sorry that I could not come around for a week or two. Between work and school, I was swamped.

But, I am back and free for a while.

ChaoticTH 12th December 2005 04:39 AM

welcome back gameandwatch!

and music backwards theory?

We're gonna need a elite squadron for that...

qwertybub3 12th December 2005 01:44 PM

I will try to play one of the songs backwards. But what does "
Hey, it worked for Doom 2, why not BT?"

repobanjo 12th December 2005 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by ChaoticYoshi
welcome back gameandwatch!

and music backwards theory?

We're gonna need a elite squadron for that...

...Or a simple machine that we can buy somewhere. I'm strapped for cash, but maybe there is a site where you can take the music to it and it will play backwards. Does this site have mp3s of the jukebox music?

Oh, and thanks, dmoss. I don't think I deserve a compliment for that, though

And for Doom 2, in the final boss, he speaks in what sounds like garbles, satanic messages. In reality, if you play it bacwards, it says, "In order to win the game, you must kiil me, Johnny Ramero." Tis gives you a hint that there is a Johnny Ramero head stuck on a pike somewhere, and destroying that automatically kill the boss.

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