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Mystery Man 20th August 2003 10:36 PM

The DK BK connection
for those who haven't noticed, check the latest RWP update. now, with that done, speculation time.

the ice key does make sense in a troff and scoff room, seeing as they turn a key each time in a locked door, so maybe rare had a different layout for their room and instead of feeding them bananas you just give them the ice key? I've also though about one other thing... the ice key is from BK, so would it be possible that rare was planning on making one world in BK and one in DK where you swapped the characters?

*thinks hard* do the colours of each SNS egg correspond to each of the DK characters?

diddy - red
lanky - cyan
donkey kong - yellow
tiny - purple/pink (?)
chunky - green

the only one missing is dark blue, which presumably could be for banjo.

Roystein 20th August 2003 11:11 PM

I never thought of the eggs like that before...

Wasn't there a rumour or summat about Rare wanting to actually have a connection between the three games... but then thougt it was stupid cause you'd have to have all three...

The Pizza Boy 20th August 2003 11:41 PM

Is it possible that sns still exists? Could there be something hidden deep inside DK? Many mumbo's pictures where added after sns was dropped...

Megaguiras 21st August 2003 12:06 AM

I just read the news and I must say that this is the most startling discovery that has happened to the RWP in years! Through the years my patience ran out for SNS, and i completely gave up on ever hoping to see SNS realized. But with this new discovery, their seems to be a renewed spark of interest inside of me and i'm sure inside us all. Their evidence is so flawless that it's incredible! Never before have I seen such a well fortified theory in banjo land. I can't even find one thing to disagree with. And i'm sure everyone has an idea of what this could lead to... I'm still not going to hold my breath, but I have faith in these guys. I'm sure they will come up with something. They always do. Even as of late, they have made several startling discoveries that have been overlooked through the years. With their experience, who knows what untold secrets they could uncover... How exciting!!!

MonkeyforaHead 21st August 2003 12:16 AM

My theory: Conker's 12 Tales was at least partially involved in SnS, until it mutated into BFD.:o

Okay, maybe not the most novel or optimistic theory, but after reading up on the DK-BK connection it crossed my mind as a distinct possibility.

Nick98 21st August 2003 03:08 AM

That was some interesting news. Just the thought of DK64 really being involved in all of this is interesting... Though I don't have any theories on it yet, I'm sure I'll begin to think of some soon enough. ;)


Wasn't there a rumour or summat about Rare wanting to actually have a connection between the three games... but then thougt it was stupid cause you'd have to have all three...
Well... maybe there was a rumour... But really, SnS isn't needed to beat any of the games so it isn't wrong for them to do something like that between 3 games. But it is kind of silly...

Icy Guy 21st August 2003 03:19 AM

Very well done article, very well done. Even though some of it was rehashed content that was revealed/discovered before (DK picture in BK, etc.), it was nice to see everything in one place, with additional tidbits.

And, in the spirit of the BK-DK64 connection atmosphere, I bring you two old sequences of mine...

I may re-do the 2nd one, because my source for that was a crap quality recording on a tape recorder. You may have to copy and paste the URLs to hear the songs.

MonkeyforaHead 21st August 2003 03:21 AM

Both of those pages give me a 404 error.:o

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 03:22 AM

*cries* I need speakers!!!!

but really, does anyone think the eggs corresponding to the DK characters makes any sense?

Icy Guy 21st August 2003 03:26 AM


Originally posted by MonkeyforaHead
Both of those pages give me a 404 error.:o
Gah...bastards deleted 'em.

MM: makes sense, although, as always, I still find it odd that they decided on DK64 first instead of BT, when we were told to wait for BT. I still feel cheated. :(

Nick98 21st August 2003 03:28 AM


but really, does anyone think the eggs corresponding to the DK characters makes any sense?
Kind of. It makes some sense. But really, how does it help knowing(or thinking) that they correspond with one another?

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 03:28 AM

does anyone remember what order those games came out in? BK DK BT? or DK BK BT?

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 03:30 AM


Originally posted by Nick98
Kind of. It makes some sense. But really, how does it help knowing(or thinking) that they correspond with one another?
like I posted, it could have been that we swopped characters for a level or so or something to that degree. it can only aid in speculation I guess, but, seeing as SNS was dropped, that's all we can do except wait for BK:GR.

Icy Guy 21st August 2003 03:30 AM

BK - 6/30/98
DK64 - 11/23/99
BT - 11/20/00

If my memory serves me right.

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 03:32 AM

I thought so, that would make sense. but, even so, they had so much time in between each project, the least they could've done is rehash them. it looks like rare was just teasing us with the SNS items in BT, when they could've at least rehashed the project between DK and BT or BK and BT.

Benjo Koolzooie 21st August 2003 05:41 AM

It seems as if they could not make up their mind what to do with SnS.

Blackeye says "A bear stole me glory,looked abitlike you he did" or something .

Perhaps he meant DK. :p

Davros 21st August 2003 11:57 AM

I always had high hopes of SnS reappearing in BK;GR and a game on the gamecube, since nintendo is always stressing the interconnectivity features. Shame Rare left then isn't it.

Nick98 21st August 2003 12:06 PM

Rare didn't necessarily leave... Nintendo kind of gave them away. Well... that is of course from what I can remember people talking(Well... more like yelling) about a while back.

But anyways, I doubt that BK:GR and B3 would of had a connection concerning SnS. As much as I like that idea, I still don't think they would try it. Then again it is my opinion. :rolleyes:

Davros 21st August 2003 12:18 PM

Well I thought it was unlikely once too, but now Rare have dropped the alternative history angle and gone for Time-travel. I immedialtey thought of TTC and Nipper arguing with Kazooie, saying that you'll never find anything on this beach without his help. What if you could Travel Back in time (rare mentions going through old worlds with new moves on the website-I think) use a split up pad in TTC and speak to him using Banjo only. Result; Nipper helps you find the pink egg!

TheMegaJinjo2 21st August 2003 02:31 PM

Hmm...If I remember correctly RARE made a statement about S'n'S was "nothing but a memory of a bridge over water" or something to that there a bridge over water in DK64?

Davros 21st August 2003 02:43 PM

Are those Rare's exact words? It sounds uncharacteristacly poetic to me. I personally think a bridge over water is a metaphor for a process (ie. stop n swop), an the fact that it's a memory could mean it no longer exists, so it was never fully implemented or something.
Where did you read this? (If you can remember)

kirby_archon 21st August 2003 03:00 PM

If memory serves, the fanfare wasn't the only music reused between DK 64 and the banjo games; i think the boss music and the intro story music of BT was identical (or at least very close) to some music in DK 64.

Now that I look at that, it doesn't have much to do with the Fanfare being used in BK and DK, but I thought i might as well point it out..

John 21st August 2003 03:08 PM

Yikes... that could have been horrible if they made you complete DK64 100% before being able to activate SNS.. that game got so tedious and boring... Of course, I guess it's worse that it's not there at all.

Here's how I think it would have been done if they had gone through with it and let DK64 touch SNS:

Go to BK as DK. Bring back Ice Key. Open up new world where you have to collect 500 multicolored bananas to open a portal to a realm with 99 SNS coins to collect. Upon gathering all the coins you have to use them in a coin machine to play ancient arcade games. Upon winning twice you would get the SNS codes and have to gather the eggs. Upon gathering all the eggs back to DK they are stolen by beavers and you have to do 6 beaver rounding up mini-games with ridiculous time limits in order to gain the eggs which hatch into barrel blasting mini-games. When you win those and gather all the SNS chickens you gain a new cutscene from Mumbo which tells you that you have to wait 'til BT to find out what the chickens do and get a %105 save file.

And that is why I think DK 64 should never be involved with anything... :p

slaphappy 21st August 2003 03:35 PM

It seems to me that the linkage between BK and DK64 was most likely a feasibilty test by Rare. If they were able to successfully swop the ice key from one game to the other, then it was a go for the BK - BT connection. They had to test somewhere, and DK64 was the logical test candidate in the development timeline. BT development wasn't even started until summer 1998, as we were told in the infamous Tepid Seat interview (Q34).

Megaguiras 21st August 2003 04:41 PM

When you think of a bridge over water, you have to ask yourself, what does a bridge do? It connects two pieces of land, in other words, a reference to connectivity between Rare's games.

slaphappy 21st August 2003 06:57 PM

Rare had a question is the scribes, prior to the site relaunch, in which someone asked about the connection between BK and BT. They responded with it being an "old dream" and just "water under the bridge". That's the only bridge reference I recall.

Hakey Wake 21st August 2003 09:01 PM

But weren't the Banjo and Donkey Kong games developed by two seperate teams?

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 09:05 PM


Originally posted by Hakey Wake
But weren't the Banjo and Donkey Kong games developed by two seperate teams?
I'm not sure about that, but even so, they're still in the same company and inter-team projects may have come up.

Hakey Wake 21st August 2003 09:20 PM


Originally posted by Mystery Man
I'm not sure about that, but even so, they're still in the same company and inter-team projects may have come up.
I'm sure they were different because there was that article awhile ago about the two dev. teams fighting for the expansion pack.....

Mystery Man 21st August 2003 09:54 PM

time for more theorizing... maybe the DK characters were supposed to be transferred over to BK, and find their corresponding egg? then banjo found the last egg, and he could also explore the last world opened by the ice key. well, that was pointless.

what's this? arguing over the expansion pack? was there a lack of funding or something? *imagines BK with expansian pack* *drools*

tomo_turkey 22nd August 2003 08:36 PM

If there is a connection and it is still possible to use the connection then my theory is that the Ice Key will be used to unlock something in the world called Fungi Forest (Since Fungi Forest was origanally Fungus Forest in Banjo kazooie and there is a connection between that world and Freezy Peak)

R Hunter 22nd August 2003 10:37 PM

hmmm... although most likely after all this time there is no longer any link between B-K and DK
1 can dream though

Mystery Man 23rd August 2003 04:22 AM


Originally posted by R Hunter
1 can dream though
i'm pretty sure the whole point of searching for this is to know what may have been, not what is, because we have found no evidence of "triggers" for these data in the game itself without a gameshark.

Wreck 23rd August 2003 08:37 AM

Back in the day, when Perfect Dark came out, everybody forgot about hacking Goldeneye and began playing Rare's newest first-person shooter. Hackers found many things in PD that were pieces of a magical thing called "Beta". Level names, Perfect Head, old weapons, extra options, etc. But nothing really compared to something I found while playing the game...

Now, this was a few months after PD was released, since I didn't buy it right away. I was playing in the Area 51 level while using my X-Ray vision. Searching in places I could not enter, I looked up in a vent. There I found a door with a keyhole (picture attached). After I posted this on a few sites, everyone was claiming to have found this new thing in PD and sending it into websites. People were clammering over this find. Why?

A keyhole. A keyhole? Yes, but why would a small door with a keyhole be hidden in an area you could never reach? Perhaps at some point you could access the vent system and approach the door. But who could ever fit into that small space and what would you use to open that door? ;)

Just another theory, one more Rare puzzle. Now you know why us hackers love Beta leftovers and early screenshots.

Dopefish Tom 23rd August 2003 09:42 AM

has everyone forgotten about diddy kong racing of course they are linked up they all appeared in the same game hmmm but wheres joanna dark well thats obvious she has nothing to do with it no ya think! but anyways has anyone actually tried hacking into diddy kong racing recently coz they have a cheat code screen which could explain it all. Although probably banjo, conker and diddy were all supposed to have something to do with stop and swop but then conker changed coz they thought it was silly having three of basically the same games. Although on the dk64 test map there is a balloon and if i'm not mistaken who had to collect balloons in diddy kong racing. Which means that not only dk64 has to be hacked but all 5 games bk, bt, dkr, dk64 and cbfd. There must be something up with those three characters in dkr banjo, conker and diddy although maybe tiptup has something to do with it aswell. Why those characters why well maybe its coz they were going to make a game about all the characters and realised that was stupid when they were making twelve tales. Maybe you need to stop using cheat cartridges and try and find things the proper way trial and error lol and i dont care how long it will take just do it lol lol.

Hakey Wake 23rd August 2003 02:03 PM

Um...........NO!. :)

R Hunter 23rd August 2003 09:36 PM

hey...anyone hack conker's BFD yet?

tomo_turkey 24th August 2003 10:16 AM

There is no point anymore in trying to find out what the secrets do in Banjo Kazooie. They are just special items that can be used in the sequel. Unless Rareware give the answer away which will be in about 5 years time and the n64 will be considered like the snes ( since the succesor to the Gamecube would have come out by then) then there is no way of unlocking it. They just put the secrets in Banjo Kazooie to sell Banjo Tooie and make loads of money.

Benjo Koolzooie 24th August 2003 12:19 PM


Originally posted by tomo_turkey
They just put the secrets in Banjo Kazooie to sell Banjo Tooie and make loads of money.
No they didn't. Have you read any of the articles that prove it WAS once going to happen?

If not then go read them.

Isaac2 24th August 2003 08:56 PM

Isn't the Dark Blue color for the secret character in Battle mode Kruncha? His skin is dark blue.

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