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Klungo 26th August 2005 05:07 PM

Maybe S'n'S wasn't available until 1.1 came out.

Benjo Koolzooie 26th August 2005 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by micjohvan
The X does change from red to black I have said that like 6 times now.

Yes you have, but others have said it hasn't. So it's hard to take one person's word for it. Others have said it changes, some say it doesn't. So it needs to be looked in to more carefully. What is your game version? Did you have any other secret items besides getting the pink egg?

hatrickpatrick 26th August 2005 08:17 PM

You know, I'm seriously beginning to get the idea that the game stores SnS data in more than one location.

I used one of the demo control codes to take control of banjo during the secret cutscenes at the end of the game. The door to the ice key was open, and in memory, the SnS address was at 0000...
Also, after setting it back to 0000 after having allk the secrets, when I went to get the blue egg, the crypt was already open, I didnt have to hit the switch...

Could this mean that the SnS address we know isnt the real SnS address? And that if we use it, the game registers our efforts as fake?

Isaac 27th August 2005 12:32 AM

Can you give us the code to walk during the cutscene?
I want to check it by myself.

Golden 27th August 2005 03:56 AM

hey, im new here but i was just thinking about the fact that stop and swap shows up all 3 save files in the game. Because of this, i believe that if you unlocked anything to do with stop and swap it would affect the other save files too.

So my question is this: has anyone tried unlocking stop and swap with all 3 save files at 100% ? it seems logical to me that if you were going to try and unlock something like that, you would need all files that it affects to be fully completed, otherwise why make stop and swap show up on all files.

Just to clarify, I havent actually completed all save files as the other ones are reserved for my brother and sister to use. This is just a theory and im not saying it will do anything if you do spend time completing each save file to 100%. however since it only takes 5-6 hrs for me to complete bk these days it cant be too hard for you banjo-buffs lol :)

Benjo Koolzooie 27th August 2005 07:39 AM

Golden, that's a good point.I'm not sure if I've tried things with all 3 files done. Not sure, I may have...What I don't understand is -say the secrets had been collected and sent over to BT - wouldn't the items be used and never be able to be collected again? (Perhaps with gameshark the items could be reset in to the game, but Rare wouldn't intend that?). Imagine buying BK second hand and finding the game's secrets where used and no longer in the game. Weird really.

Hatrick, can you explain what you mean in a hacking simpleton's terms, cause I am a bit unsure of what you mean.

Golden 27th August 2005 08:25 AM

maybe rare biult in a way to reset the stop and swop information after you have used it legitimately (i still believe that the sandcastle codes are a fall back)

Benjo Koolzooie 27th August 2005 12:15 PM

Care to explain why the codes are? Interesting to hear your ideas.

hatrickpatrick 27th August 2005 07:33 PM

ok, too many questions at once >_>
1: IMO, the reason it sotres them on all 3 files is to prevent us from colelcting the wrong eggs on one file and being able to have 3 attempts. I think the idea is to give us one chance and then if we hack it (without having the remove items code) we're stuck with it.

Hatrick, can you explain what you mean in a hacking simpleton's terms, cause I am a bit unsure of what you mean.
There's an address in memory (PAL: 80283220, NTSC: 80283400) which controls which SnS items we have. But I'm beginning to think there may be other addresses which also control it, because when I took control of the cutscene, the ice wall was open but the address was at 0000 (nothing active). Also, if you reset SnS after getting the blue egg, the crypt lid remains open, which suggests that the data for that is stored at another address.
3: I cant give the code yet since I havent finished hacking it. It's pretty complicaqted to figure out, so I probably wont have a final version for a few days...

hatrickpatrick 27th August 2005 09:13 PM

I just tested my theory, and it turns out I was right: SnS data seems to be stored in more than one location. I took control of the end cutscene as usual, but instead of going into sharkfood island, I left the level and went into RBB instead. AND THE RED EGG WAS THERE. Bear in mind that I had had SnS set to 0000 before then. I looked in the memory, and SnS WAS STILL AT 0000. I then went around to all the secret levels, and they were all active. It stayed active as long as I travelled using doors and level pads and cauldrons and so on, but warping directly ended it, all the items reverted back to being inactive.

What could that mean? Well it obviously means that there's more than one factor which controls the SnS stuff. It also probably means that this partly depends on the game thinking you're still watching the end cutscene, since instant warping deactivated it.

To my mind, this explains quite a few things. The most obvious thing it explains is that using the sandcastle codes, in other words, activating the address we thought was the main SnS address, might actually be telling the game to ignore the items you collect. What I'm going to try next is to actually collect the items, and see if that changes the address we've been using.

I dont want to get everyone's hopes up for nothing, but I really am beginning to think that we're getting closer all the time to unlocking this whole mystery.

AlmostJinkies 27th August 2005 09:28 PM

I for one, think that we are achingly close to getting Stop 'N' Swop. Every day, I read this post for updates, and feel more and more confident.

HatrickPatrick is gonna crack this any day now, I bet :-)

hatrickpatrick 27th August 2005 09:39 PM

Ok, this is extremely bizarre. I just checked again. It seems the SnS address we use DOES change, but not in a way you'd expect. It goes to FE00 during the cutscene. Why not FF? Could it be that FF activates another room besides all the rooms which FE activates?
Here's another weird thing. I didnt notice that the address changes at first because I was using emucheat and it moves bytes around, so when I thought I was looking at the snS address I was looking at the next one. But what still stands is that the gobi crypt remains open after you clear the SnS inventory. I think we really need to crack the controller for that crypt, it could be that other activators are nearby in memory.

Again, apologies for the mix-up, but it doesnt lessen the potential hugeness of this discovery. Obviously there are other addresses for controlling SnS, if it can go to FE without any sandcastle codes being typed. This reinforces our theory of a legit method of unlocking the SnS rooms. Also, why not FF? could moving it up by one digit unlock something which FE doesnt unlock?

I'm going to try and crack that crypt lid address now, and I'll update again as soon as I find it.

Gaming Master2k 27th August 2005 10:15 PM

I've been able to find FE Opens all the areas (Gobi's Door, Cellar, Ice Door, and Makes the red,green and yellow egg appear) while FF has the Yellow Egg already collected with the other areas activated. So that's why not FF, but why open all areas?

dmoss 27th August 2005 11:31 PM

Holy flippin' cow! I am really just in awe right now...being that I can't help you guys out, I'm just continuing the Cheering-You-On Tactic...hope it helps. :) Keep up the good work, Ladies and Gents!

vaticandrummer 28th August 2005 04:07 AM

Yeah, it seems like any day now something really big could happen. Keep it up you guys!

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