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collecter 14th February 2006 12:14 AM

I've got a few ideas. 1. has anyone tried hotswapping DK64 and Banjo Kazooie?
2. Ice eggs are like water... has anyone tried using different eggs on different characters in different ways/places starting with Blackeye?
3. I saw on a GS sound modifier code list (at some website) that Banjo had some weird second voice (as they explained it). can someone hack this possible secret transformation and find out what is left of the activator? This is like finding the treasure (the transformation) for a treasure chest, before finding the chest itself (location of where you transform) and befor you find the key (the activator). what I mean is find the steps in backwards order to possibly find the remains of SNS.

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 01:04 AM

Ive got an idea! did they ever say why there is oil in RBB? if not then is it possible that the pipe in GI that gose to Hailfire peaks ice side is the cause and that there used to be a connection between indestries and RBB?
Also as for the grunty pic, is it possible that the fact that the pic is torn adn there is a room behind it a hint ? like it is saying " in bk theres a room be hind here!"
I thoguth about it for ahwile and also ive noticed that there was a april fools day hoax movie showing a room behind there also was that a joke from rare origonally? because if memorie servers in almost every game there has been a hint to stop N swop so why not sneak something into a hoax? something to reveal something within the fake?

Its like a math word problem, too much information to throw you off and hid the important stuff
please give me your comments

P.s Please forgive my spelling i know at times its bad thats because i get excited and type fast causeing me to mss the keys pease forgive me for that

krueger14 14th February 2006 01:53 AM

I have been behind the Pic of Grunty in BK many times, it is absolutley nothing, no ground, just black air!

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 02:05 AM

Prehapes an activator is needed? again stated by that joke movie, we al see rare as jokesters who enjoy irritateing peopel as said in a pasy post however there smart, and there good at hideing data, so id bet that theyve hidden the activator to the that room somewhere, however i just had another thoguht. Is it possible that the fact that the pictureits broken in t another clue? its broken so prehapes in bk it gets broken by somethingand that serves as the activator. or did depending on your look on the situation.
has anyone trying rata tap taping the picture? or prehapes shooting it with eggs?

krueger14 14th February 2006 02:07 AM

Yes, everything, ITS NOTHING!!

??? 14th February 2006 02:07 AM

Excuse me to innterupt this topic but I'm excited about SNS too can someone give me the things I need to start hacking or tell me what I need?

ChillyDark 14th February 2006 02:07 AM

Sorry if this is off topic but...
I would like to say I'm sorry for posting random nonsense, and saying crap like SNS doesn't exist I know this because I'm a hacker and other crap but I'm sorry and will try not to do it again.
On Topic: Now I get this feeling SNS is in the game somewhere and maybe hatrick's got a point about his theory. Maybe it could be possible with everyone's help combined we could find SNS. Maybe SNS is in the game in a new form we won't know for sure unless we try everything!
Edit: ??? well all you need is to look at the first page and and you should find out what we are disscussing if not search to get your bearings, hope that helps.

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 02:15 AM

:kazooie Your an angry person arent you?

Anyway dispite your objections witch may be sound, has anyone tryed my proccess? getting just the ice key and then goign to specific locations to unlock the eggs?

EX. the creat in forn of sharkfood isle,
or in front of the berral? or at nabnuts door in winter?
becasue it seems to me that if there s KEY then wouldent it be in the game to unlock something? i knwo that most think its to unlock a secret in the game but what if its the key to get to the areas that have the secrets?

Skill 14th February 2006 02:17 AM

??? there is a guide posted in the hacking section that explains how to hack games really well. What you can do is get an emulator and the roms most emulators have a gameshark and memory editor, or you could go on ebay and try finding a real gameshark that you can use on your nintendo 64 and BK cart.

I don't think getting the ice key first will help manly because you would have to use the type in code or the GS to get it, and that could "kill" the trigger also in BK there are only blue eggs so there isn't to many thing we could do.

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 02:21 AM

I use the emulators but hwo do you access the memorie editor? i use project 64 witch i assume is what most folks here use

i think your right , but the question is how do you we trigger the key, id bet money that im right on useing the key to unlock the areas however untill we cna figure out the trigger for the key, we are at a loss.
prehapes its the pattern listed in mmm?

??? 14th February 2006 02:31 AM

Is there a way I can edit images and levels?

Skill 14th February 2006 02:38 AM

There was a texture tool that sub and ice made check out the main page for more infomation.

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 02:44 AM

I belive there is something for the images, however again imiges wont show us triggers sadly,

Im looking at this from the creators perspective, you see im working on a game that has a system of secrets and unlocks similer to that of the stop N swop, so im attempting to think as they did, if I were the rare designers and nintendo said "sorry stop N swop wont work" I woul;d do a few edits to the data to create a use for the items that remians withn the game. however I wouldent be able to create an entire new cut scene saying, how to get them. so rare probobly created a set of secrets that hackers have prolly found. but havent reilized that they were. such as choseing what creature mumbo turns you into no matte hat world, allowing pumkin in mumbos mountin, as well as other ones. but as i always say " it is not the ending but the journey thats important.
So if we can find the trigger for the first i belive we will begin the path to the grand secret level and the answer to the greatest mystery in all of gameing.

Edit: just had a thoguht. what if they made changes to the data sothat each eggs collecting acted as an event trigger? each peice would be needed to be gathered correctly in order to gain the desired result, or in other words, fine the trigger,for the key grb the eggs and then the trigger will be complete cuaseing this ecret world to open , witch i belive is the same as the regular game but with a bunch of new featuers

because the term WORLD can be used it 2 ways regaurding this game,
1= Each area within the lair
2= the complete banjo WORLD beign spiral mountin, gruntys lair, and the areas.

If im corerct im useing the same basic program that rare used to develop banjo kazzoie and tooie, so i have a somewhat advanced understanding of what they were working with, and its simple to copy the maps and create an event trigger that when activated will luanch the player into the new map set witch would be modified with special abilitys and cheats.
assumeign that it is a area like MM or RBB then it would be an area that would b completely new with new enimes not seen and challenges that are not for jiggys but for something else, what that may be i am not yet sure.

Feel free to post comments.

??? 14th February 2006 02:54 AM

I can't find the guide. Can someone link me to it? Do you know where I can find the image modifier thingy?

kazooieguy 14th February 2006 02:56 AM

I dont but dose anyone knwo how to use it i canf ind it once i look but how is it used.

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