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mafefe 26th April 2009 09:47 PM

Banjo is really insane, all of the games take place in his head
Banjo's parents never appear because they stopped visiting him in the asylum.

Banjo's sister, Tooty, comes to visit him a lot. One day, Tooty mentions to an insane banjo that she will no longer be able to visit him, and the events of Banjo Kazooie begin.

Gruntilda, who is banjo's dark side, takes Tooty away from banjo, causing him to try to "save" her. Banjo is helped by Kazooie, who is banjo's idea of a perfect girlfriend, but is also his feminine side. Banjo needs kazooie or he will have no chance of regaining sanity. Bottles and Mumbo are psychologists who are helping him in the real world. Bottles tries to teach banjo how he can improve himself and get better, and mumbo tries to change him, explaining their roles in the games. While Banjo is mentally saving his sister, bottles appears less and less, and by the time he reached MMM in his head, Dr. Bottles has moved on to another patient. The big eyes on everything represents his insecurities.

Each world represents a different part of his mind, or a view of the world.
Mumbo's Mountain: Banjo's mental image of where Dr. Mumbo lives.
Treasure Trove Cove: Banjo's view of a perfect vacation place.
Clanker's Cavern: his views on corruption and decay
Bubblegloop swamp: The swamp he played in as a child.
Freezeezy Peak: Banjo's view of winter.
Gobi's Desert: Banjo's ego, all the pyramids have his face on them somewhere
Mad Monster Mansion: Banjo's nightmares
Rusty Bucket Bay: The docked ship represents banjo's willingness to escape his mental prison
Click Clock Wood: Banjo's views of yearly change.

When banjo saves Tooty, he has to go through a quiz. The questions about grunty are actually about his past life before going insane. The questions about his adventure are his mind's way of making sure banjo improves and gets closer to regaining sanity.

After saving tooty, he goes back to defeat Grunty as a way of defeating his dark side. Instead of killing grunty, he ends up trapping her under a rock, hiding her. Without his dark side, he makes no progress for a year.


Banjo, 1 year after tooty stopped visiting him, tries to regain sanity again. This time, Klungo, his gullibility and loyalty combined, brings back Grunty by putting her in a statue. This time, his mind tries to help him regain sanity through his memories. Past Spiral mountain is his memories of living there as a child. The farm level is his memories of living on a farm at some point in his life. The beach level is a memory of a past vacation to a beach somewhere, TTC is based on this memory. The swamp area represents the same swamp as BGS. the harbor level is his memory of the town near SM, which would be the setting of N&B. The ice level is his view on winter, he probably has a fear of snow.

When banjo and kazooie are separated, banjo loses his moves because he depends on kazooie. An older version of bottles helps him find kazooie and regain himself. Mumbo appears because banjo knew mumbo as a child.


Banjo has been alone for 2 years, and suffers from depression, which explains the slightly darker theme of this game. Banjo's mind tries to make him regain his sanity by making him go through realistic worlds. To start, his mind needs to shock him, so his mind suppresses Dr. Bottles' memory and convinces banjo that Grunty killed him. Also, his house is destroyed, symbolizing that banjo realizes that he isn't living at home anymore. SM is broken and old because banjo hasn't been there in a long time, and his memory of it is decaying. Jinjo Village is what he views civilization as. Everyone is the same but with different color. There is a king with a pet which represents the king controlling the law. Everyone (jinjo's) have run away from the kings oppressive rule. The grey jinjo's are dead because banjo subconsciously hates jinjos.

When banjo goes into Grunty's lair, most of it is blocked off because banjo barely remembers what he did in BK. Banjo has almost forgotten tooty, so she doesn't appear, but small parts of her memory appear in the trash can of CCL and on a sign in Showdown town.

With his memory of Bottles suppressed, Banjo's mind chooses a different doctor, Dr. Jamjars, to help him. Dr. Jamjars specializes in post war trauma, and is therefor portrayed as a military type person.

Levels represent various memories of real world:
MT: His memory of some ruins he learned about at some point in his life.
GGM: A mine he found as a child.
WW: His memory of an amusement park.
JRL: his memory of the same harbor from the last game. He was close to the bartender, Jolly, who appears in N&B.
TDL: Banjo learned about dinosaurs, and this is how he imagined they lived.
GI: Banjo's view on big industry, which he associates with his dark side.
HFP: Fire and Ice. Banjo fears both, and has dragons represent each one. When he defeats them, he loses his phobia.
CCL: Banjo's mind loses and his imagination takes control again.

From CCL, his mind is suppressed and his imagination makes things go back to "normal", reviving Bottles and killing Grunty's sisters.

Banjo Pilot:

Banjo somehow gets a toy plane, and remembers his plane races from DKR. He only remembers the plane races, so cars and hovercraft are absent. He has forgotten about DKR characters, so they are replaced with characters from BK and BT.


many years have passed, and Banjo's memory has warped everything, causing the change in art style. Banjo has become weak from being in an asylum, but thinks he is fat. Grunty returns as a head because Banjo's mind is trying to tell him that he is insane. LOG is Banjo's last chance at becoming sane. Log takes banjo and Grunty to ST, which is based off of the same harbor as the harbor level of GR and RBB.

Each level is there to tell banjo his adventures aren't real:
Nutty Acres: A simplified version of where he grew up
Banjo Land: Portrays Banjo's past adventures as fake.
Jiggosseum: Stadium where banjo watched his favorite sport being played, sport might be soccer due to soccer references.
LogBox 720: What the real world currently looks like
Terrarium of Terror: Space world of DKR, one of his last memories in the real world


DKR is different, it takes place before his insanity. Dinosaur themed world becomes TDL. Ice theme world becomes freezeazy peak, ice world from BK:GR, and Ice side of HFP. During one of the races in Ice themed world, banjo almost dies, and a phobia is born. The island world was warped into TTC and the beach level of BK:GR. The 4th world impacted most levels in small ways. Banjo forgot about the space world untin N&B, where it became Logbox760 and Terrarium of Terror. Banjo and friends defeat Wizpig and save the day. T.T. becomes Trophy Thomas, which is why Trophy Thomas needs 4 trophies to make a jiggy, T.T. required 4 challenges be won to get the amulets.

The Banjonator 26th April 2009 09:51 PM

Wow. It all makes sense now!
This is one of the greatest threads I have read since joining.

Jiggy Giratina 26th April 2009 09:52 PM

While this features excessive speculation,it's doubtlessly amusing.:)

The Banjonator 26th April 2009 09:53 PM

Oh this is a theory? This is the best theory ever conceived. :D

Jiggy Giratina 26th April 2009 10:01 PM

Actually...Now that I think about it,it explains why so many inanimate things have eyes...

Pies 26th April 2009 10:02 PM

Whats this doing in Banjo theories?

This is fact :D

Tomajko 26th April 2009 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by The banjonater (Post 577693)
This is the best theory ever conceived.

Agreed xD. Can't wait for B-T and N&B.

mafefe 26th April 2009 10:38 PM

BT and Banjo Pilot are up

TowerOfTragedy 26th April 2009 10:44 PM

Mafefe, I'd never thought I'd say this... but you're awesome.

The Banjonator 26th April 2009 10:47 PM

Haha I love the CCL part.

BK3fan 26th April 2009 10:59 PM

This is amazing. Nice job mafefe.

mafefe 26th April 2009 11:16 PM

DKR is finished and N&B will be finished later.

gman5852 27th April 2009 12:39 AM

Cool, now tell me how SNS gets involved in this and it will be perfect.

dark-wolf-5 27th April 2009 01:12 AM

That made perfect sense...

darkshadow8181 27th April 2009 01:29 AM

Possibly the most brilliant thing I've read on this site in years haha

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