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CaptainBlackeye 28th September 2020 12:40 AM

Banjo-Tooie Successor Pitch idea
With the help of some DKVine regulars and the community I created what I would think is a really good platformer follow up to Banjo-Tooie.

Mr. Airplane 28th September 2020 12:58 AM

A very nicely made document. I'm not sure why anyone would want more Banjo Tooie, but more power to you all.

CaptainBlackeye 28th September 2020 01:11 AM

It's more like a sequel that fixes the problems with Tooie. A Banjo-Kazooie 3 minus the vehicles kinda deal.

Mr/Sir Norris 29th September 2020 07:44 PM

I really enjoyed reading that, felt like the document was well designed and pretty easy to digest.

So Mumbo would need to collect Mumbo tokens in order to use some of his abilities such as the missile? Then in order to transform you would need to get Skeleton Keys to get access to his huts?

Definitely enjoy taking the transformation wheel from Grunty's Revenge, however I feel like that, as well as the free flow climbing boots and Mumbo's terrain manipulation would open up a world of exploits. That being said if the movement was fast and fluid, it could make for a very entertaining style of gameplay, and speedruns to boot.

Mandolin 30th September 2020 02:35 AM


Originally Posted by Mr. Airplane (Post 1298979)
I'm not sure why anyone would want more Banjo Tooie,

Because it's a great game, dog.

Mr. Airplane 30th September 2020 08:40 AM

You're lucky lying isn't against the rules, Mandolin

Mandolin 30th September 2020 09:40 PM

Banjo-Tooie make Banjo-Kazooie look like joke.

Alakazam 1st October 2020 10:09 PM

i love Banjo-Tooie and i really like this visual guide, though i wish it was grammatically proofread a bit - i know it doesn't really matter, but the writing syntax is pretty much the only thing holding it back from feeling incredibly professional

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