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ChillyDark 12th February 2006 07:28 AM

Yes, you do have a point. Yes we are going off topic thank you very much for reminding me. So anyways SNS is removed even with a gameshark one can not access the legendary removed feature even memory editing this was the most believible way but I guess SNS like OOT's Triforce isn't in the game BR was but this feature wasn't so please after this topic no more SNS talk I, like some other people are starting to get tired of SNS talk it doesn't exist, it never will, case closed.
Edit: It's because this is the greatest discovery since BR so I hang out here because I want to see what could have happened and back to SNS they could have made this area of the game where you could get a new move from Bottles or Jamjars (personally I like Bottles better) that would allow access to SNS!

freakycheato 12th February 2006 08:05 AM

yeah but its still fun 2 wonder wat could have been!

Mr 3vil 12th February 2006 08:16 AM

Okay, I would like to say that I checked all of BGS, nothing special. The place that is definitely weird is MMM because of its huge irregular level size. It is a very detailed and is a huge place including the church, house, rooms, logo, shelter, the well, drain pipe, etc. I recommend searching in it also because the opening had a remix if the MMM song, the weird chest even though it contains nothing, X Barrel, the Captain Blackeye stuff, and connections it seems to have. Yes, I am searching there right as of now.

freakycheato 12th February 2006 08:54 AM

yes, MMM's size is very odd

Skill 12th February 2006 09:01 AM

Chilly no offence but you haven't been here long enough to stop everyone from talking about SNS and making new topics on it damn your posts in this topic are mostly spam and if you want to stop SNS talk then it would be better not hang around in a place that is devoted to it NOW PLEASE don't post anymore CRAP

Yuoko 12th February 2006 03:54 PM

Chilly, we are fully aware that Stop 'N' Swop is likely removed, all we're trying to do is find what we can about it, and suff.
Hopefully a trigger, and a halfway decent Cutscene Modifier...

ChrisPBacon 12th February 2006 04:55 PM

What would be the way to find a curtcene modifier? Would it require a GS?

ChillyDark 12th February 2006 06:12 PM

Look in my edit for full detail why I come here I used to think SNS did exist and maybe it does so you could be right about a Cutscene Modifier, we could probably edit the memory and put SNS in then volia SNS is answered!
Edit: I'm making a game using BK using some cheats at GS and codes hacked by IceMario and SubDrag I have made BK: Bottles SNS Adventure, see if I hate SNS would I make a game based on SNS?
Go to GScentral to see the codes if you want to play this game maybe I'll Make a sequel Boggey's SNS Adventure who needs Advent Cove now? It's not that I don't like SNS I was just saying to people who join that SNS isn't in the game unless you make out memory hacking GS codes by the way I'm crediting Ice and Sub for the codes that made my game possible!

freakycheato 12th February 2006 08:10 PM

i think that ther is an SnS egg in every level of bk, they haven't been found yet

ChillyDark 12th February 2006 08:37 PM

Now they are thanks to my new game and big thanks to Sub and Ice they get all the credit. I bow their knees. Anyway I think if I contiue to make this I could even do SNS things in Spiral Mountain, then this would make some people cheer up after Imho got locked like Minjo!

Mr 3vil 12th February 2006 09:48 PM

Seriously... this topic is about the search for SNS in the actual game, not your developement of your own game ChillyDark, stop posting random nonsense. This is the 2nd tme you mentioned Imho got locked by Minjo and it doesn't contribute. If you are that unhappy about Imho then take it to pms or start your own topic somewhere else.

As for SNS eggs in every level... no, there are only 6 six eggs freakycheato.

ChillyDark 12th February 2006 11:24 PM

I wonder if you could have gotten all the items in less then 20 minutes without a cheat device, and you would have been able to go to Jolly's, get the water, give it to Blackeye, and he'd tell you SNS secrets. I know you can't give him the water I'm just saying you COULD have if they programmed it into the game or you could have somehow opened up one of those locker's (not D Jones) and got into a secret SNS area that said. "Wow I can't believe you found it the secret SNS area turn off BT and insert BK" then do so and you can now enter the Grunty pic and get SNS which would allow special stuff this is only what they could have done!
Edit: Mr 3vil what freakycheato meant was that if you hacked the game then made the eggs everywhere!

freakycheato 13th February 2006 05:14 AM

i think that had SnS survived, the ice key would have been used alternatively than the mega glowbo, and there would be 6 eggs in BT, one most likely in the door near GI

Skill 13th February 2006 06:14 AM

All i can say is were is everyone like hatrick and the really good hackers, this topic is getting worse everyday and it's mostly thanks to you chilly, seriously man, i and many members don't care if what you think and we really can't be bother with you posting things like "SNS isn't in the game i know this because i'm a hacker" and then posting a theroy for solving it your wasting this. Now i'm sorry if it sounds hash i don't hate you but i do hate what your doing to this topic so please enough rubbish.

Go_Nosis 13th February 2006 02:19 PM

THANK YOU skill sphere. Go a few pages back and see that I ranted about this, too.

Interest in SnS is one thing, But nobody here is doing anything. Before ANYONE ELSE responds, I challenge these new people to read this entire thread. I did, and alot of other people did when they joined.

We need more stability.

ON TOPIC: Hatrick, if you read this, think you can tweak with warp codes to see if theres an alternate scene in bottles house during the party? It does seem weird. Also, keep in mind it might not work if its NOT the part where the party is being held. Remember the cellar in MMM? No room, No egg, not without activation.


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