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icegod 8th May 2006 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by maypep_necro
EDIT: i found out how to get the ice key in Banjo-Kazooie. You don't even need one of those shark gameplay thingys! just put some eggs in the fire, hit wozza with 200 eggs. then the fire will rise. keep on repaeting this. soon the fire will be really high. then hit the fire with another 200 eggs. then it will follow you. then jump up to the ice wall where the key is behind it. run into the wall. then it should be melted! then go to the igloo. stand on the table and press c to look at the piture of banjo kazooie. then a door apears with the key. press nothing. wait really still. then the nintendo will put the key in. you should apear in a ice world. sorry, but i can't give you anymore informationa.

Please don't spam this thread with this BS.

maypep_necro 9th May 2006 12:00 AM

Sorry, i just picked it on a website. And look on that website:

I done the 100% game below 6h and when i play jukebox with this oder, it does notthing. It is fake?

DevilBottles 9th May 2006 12:02 AM


Originally Posted by maypep_necro
Sorry, i just picked it on a website. And look on that website:

I done the 100% game below 6h and when i play jukebox with this oder, it does notthing. It is fake?

Oh. My. God. o-O

You have two options. First, scroll to the bottom of the post you linked too.

Secondly, look here.

maypep_necro 9th May 2006 02:16 AM

On both, step 2 don't work;

2. Go to the Jukebox. Play the tracks "Shopping Around Town", "Theme Park Hags", and "Party At Bottles'" in that order. Blackeye will go on about how it is his favorite ensemble and tell you stuff like about how you’re lucky you finished as quickly as you did else he wouldn’t have been able to remember about it.

When i play the jukebox in that order, Blackeye's don't go on.

Theguyoverthere 9th May 2006 02:45 AM

Ummm....Should I tell him? Nah, I'll just let the post in front of him (post #2286) explain that.

maypep_necro 9th May 2006 02:54 AM

Common please, i want to discover that!

Theguyoverthere 9th May 2006 03:18 AM

Did you even read Devil Bottles' post? I'm sorry, I'll try to stay calm and help you out. It is an April Fool's Joke and is all fake and not real in any way, shape, or form. Maybe you should get my signature, it really comes in handy!;)

ChillyDark 9th May 2006 03:30 AM

I know we all want to discover SNS but you have to understand.
Don't believe everything you hear on the internet.
Sorry if I am being to harsh.

dmoss 9th May 2006 03:51 AM

Back on topic, please? :)

So, about that SnS...

-dmoss, :banjo

Theguyoverthere 9th May 2006 05:43 AM

OK I haven't seen a lot of waked-out, crazy, less-than-half-witted ideas in a long time. So, I'll start with one!

What about the Quiji board in MMM? What if it is a secret code room in which you can enter cheats? Sure, you could only use the letters Banjo Kazooie but what if the Grunty squares each hold a secret letter, going in a clockwise motion... And it all wasn't discovered by hackers because instead of programming "when GIVETHEBEARLOTSOFAIR" or whatever "is typed then air energy bar=6" or whatever. But they could have programmed a secret number to each square so it'd be like "If 12453168521 is typed then unlock SnS..." or somethin'

Just throwin' it out there!

Dricenticore 9th May 2006 08:58 AM

lol maypep necro. I cant believe you believed that.Now im never gonna tell you how to get the mysterious black egg you fool! It says put some eggs in the fire then hit wozza with 200 eggs. Now, that would mean you would need a max of at least 201 eggs. IMPOSSIBLE. also, it says repeat. make that 603 eggs. *falls off chair laughing* ow I landed on a battery.

Back on topic,TGOT, thats a pretty good idea but that would be pretty tight of rare if that was it.

Benjo Koolzooie 9th May 2006 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by DevilBottles

Really, I'm not sure why most people believe that some eggs are "trick eggs." First off, Rare didn't have much intention of canning Stop 'N' Swop before it actually happened, yes? So, why would they just add more eggs? They probaby thought their secret was safe, until Ice and Sub came along and cracked the codes, but the game was already long released, so they couldn't do anything about changing the eggs.

Grabbed By the Ghoulies came out after SnS was discovered by RWP, did it not? That's only when the hidden, ridiculous hints started appearing. Really, in my mind, this "clue" is just meant to lead us away from SnS.

Only four eggs? Yeah.... All the eggs had to be used. Why make them? Like said before, Rare had no intention of the project getting canned, and they had no idea that Ice and Sub would came along and hack the codes. So, they, really, wouldn't have to trick anyone who didn't know about the eggs, correct?

The pictures of the two eggs and key in the secret ending cut-scene, to me, was like a preview, like mentioned on BoltDragoon's site. Or, it could've been there to hint toward SnS, but Rare totally forgot to remove this cutscene after the actual SnS was canned shortly before BK's released.

Eh... Just my thoughts. Just so I can get it off my chest. :p

Ok, I agree! None of the eggs are tricks! They were all intended for collection on the original SNS. Rare thought their secrets would be safe, so why would they need "fake eggs". Don't even try and combat me here, seriously, it would not make sense for them to hide "fake" eggs. They were intended as a surprise, had SNS really gone ahead. (The surprise being that there are extra eggs, other than what Mumbo shown in the pictures).

Also, the board in Grabbed By The Ghoulies is simply a, can I say this? A Piss-take. Rare are well aware that people had devoted so much time to looking for SNS and a "secret level! The lava world", there is no doubt members of Rareware have seen posts on forums, and they have taken this in to account, and make jests about it within their games now. People, that should have been concentrating on homework, were busy thinking of SNS ideas at school, and Rare have picked up on this, and put it as "homework" on a school blackboard for a joke against these people. And the fact people had made searching for SNS their "homework" in general.

maypep_necro 9th May 2006 08:26 PM

Oh no! So i completed 100% game below 6h for nothing! Oh no!!

Theguyoverthere 10th May 2006 06:02 AM

You mean you actually did complete it in under 6 hours? WOW!

Anyway, this board seems to be dead. It seems like the Anything Goes board has takin over. We need more crazy theories. Bring 'em in, people, I'm listening!

Bottles98 10th May 2006 06:06 AM


Originally Posted by Theguyoverthere
Anyway, this board seems to be dead. It seems like the Anything Goes board has takin over. We need more crazy theories. Bring 'em in, people, I'm listening!

MORE crazy theories?! Are you kidding me? They're probably the reason people stop reading this board. Geez. You're setting the wrong example by saying that.

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