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Yuoko 27th July 2006 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by LaorBR
What leads you to believe that?

I believe Rare mentioned going back to Kazooie.
So, if that were to be true, and assuming the trigger's still hidden, Tooie would be the most logical place, no? :p

BanjoPL 27th July 2006 03:39 PM

First of all...November 2001 Scribes is real-its not joke!
You can found Nov 08 2001 Scribes on net archive.
And in fact scribes guy said TRUTH!
Devil Bottles IS not was in secret subgame.
Why Rare said that RWP has pretty close to solve SNS after found Bottles'Revenge? Why they mentioned BR as"secret subgame"?
Why they put both SNS board and Devil Bottles pictures in GBTG? Maybe when we complete "homework" then we will can play Devil Bottles subgame?
The only extra hidden feature that we can found in B-T and we can't unlock it in normal gameplay is BR.On B-T montage Rare put Devil Bottles.They put him face in TOT.They put him pictures in GBTG.Maybe 4 eggs and ice key stuff on board releate to B-T? We collected only 3 eggs and ice key.One egg requaried.Maybe this 4th egg will unlock DB secret subgame? Heggy said that we found all eggs in maybe we must transfer 4th egg from B-K?
There must be way to unlock Bottles'Revenge without GS! Red Bottles=Red Egg?

Maybe SNS is in critical form(because Rambus changed in 2000) and some prizes(maybe co-op mode in B-T,secret level in B-T,Flume of Doom minigame in B-T) was canned.Maybe only secret level in B-K(and maybe in DK64) and Bottles'Revenge in B-T we can unlock via SNS?

I analizes Blackeye's texts in B-T:
"I had a dream once"-he see something that will happen in future...sometime dream releate to future...
"I were in this fine game"-in his dream he is in B-K
"A bear stole me glory looked a bit like you e'did"-he see that Banjo stole his glory...maybe eggs that he want collect and then he see that bear throw eggs to Captain's chest and use it to stole eggs from "fine game"
In my point Captain said about something that will happen...He dreaming about somethnig that will happen in B-K.Pictures behind him releates to egg and red egg has connection in B-K you know:the same SNS music in SFI and Captain's'Cabin,X on map in RBB where SFI is...the chests...big in B-K...big and small in B-T...small for small egg...big for big egg...small for pink egg(this egg became as"small"in B-T) and big for red egg(this egg not became in B-T and in B-K is in big size)...maybe we will throw pink and red eggs to chest in B-K then we will collect pink egg from small chest and red egg from big chest in B-T.

Sorry about loooong post...but this represent my recent SNS ideas...
I'm hope that Banjo Team will include next SNS hints in Viva Pinata!

Otacon 27th July 2006 11:29 PM

thats a good read lol but I think his Dream was refering to the origonal design for BK projeckt " dream" and his glory was being the main char in it at least thats what i belive

supermario 28th July 2006 03:08 AM

I agree with Otacon.

BrokenBanjo 28th July 2006 03:28 AM

Yea your right BanjoPl...i agree with you....but lot of people believe that Blackeye only said that because...."I had a dream"...B-K was called project dream then changed....that I was in this game....he was probly the main character(not the vilain, because banjo isnt the vialin)...but a bear stole my glory...means that Rare changed the main character from him to banjo....but I agree with evrything else you said

Dylan Yoshi 28th July 2006 04:02 AM

Before I learned about Stop N Swop, I assumed his "Glory" was the two Doubloons Banjo stole from him...

Topmonhit 28th July 2006 02:00 PM

I still think the Glowbo cave just has to do with the area you find the Mega Glowbo in.

BanjoPL 28th July 2006 03:17 PM

Maybe this text is beta stuff?
Or Glowbo Cave n CCL is Huge Blocked Icy Cave from Rare Patent....

icegod 28th July 2006 05:04 PM

I'm looking in every round of banjo kazooie searching for odd things, and I found something.

In mumbos mountain, go to conga. Take his orange and give it to the little monkey so he rises the platform and you can hit conga with an egg.

If you hit him with one time he will throw 1 orange at you, if you hit him 2 times he will throw 2 oranges at you. I hit him 15 times and he threw 15 oranges at me...

Maybe if you hit him 100 times something might happen?

BanjoPL 28th July 2006 05:05 PM

Nice found!

TzTok-Jad 28th July 2006 05:33 PM

try to dodge 100 oranges... heh..

replace conga with grunty and rplace oranges with fireballs..

wait!! replace fireballs with homing spells.... yes... hehehehe

anyway what BanjoPL said soulds plausable. i learned that word from mythbusters!

Isaac 28th July 2006 06:08 PM

I'm not sure about it, what does Conga have to do with SnS?
It's crazy, we don't have even a clue, it's just a simple boss...

Oh by the way...About the Secrets levels...Even if there's not a specific area for it, maybe there's two level in one...Maybe a part, a glitched one, or whatever, could be hiden in Click Clock Wood in the outside area? (behind the tree)...

What do you think about it?

Oh and...On the Juke Box, the Jolly Roger Lagoon's Icon is Captain BlackEye...The question is "why it's not Jolly, or a fish, or something related to the ocean?"...

And when I flew to the little hole on the next side of the lagoon, I was hearing seagull...

icegod 28th July 2006 06:44 PM

I'm not saying this is the answer to sns, I just said that it's odd and might have something to do with it.

Nobody knows how you have to unlock sns, or even if it's still unlockable. It might very well be that you have to do something in every level.

There's also an theorie that sns might get unlocked by doing some moves in order (like dkc2), does that have something to do with sns?

If you think it's nothing and it's stupid then just ignore it instead of making stupid sarcastic posts.

Isaac 28th July 2006 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by icegod
I'm not saying this is the answer to sns, I just said that it's
If you think it's nothing and it's stupid then just ignore it instead of making stupid sarcastic posts.

Oh sure...My post was so sarcastic...


I'm not sure about it, what does Conga have to do with SnS?
It's crazy, we don't have even a clue, it's just a simple boss...
Do you see something sarcastic in that? I'm just saying that I'm not sure about it and I just asked what it has to do with SnS. Start by stoping attacking me that way, I didn't ever played DK, only the one on N64.

And you want me to ignore your post when you're saying mine are stupid?

P_L 28th July 2006 07:21 PM

Didn't Conga serve some important purpose to the game? I seem to remember hitting him some large number of times, then he got really sad and gave me a jiggy or something like that ...

But that was years ago, so I don't remember what happened ... all I remember is that he became really sad and said some odd stuff. I need to do it again to see what he says.

EDIT: Ah ... it seems the first time you shoot at him, he gives you a jiggy after three hits.

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