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Isaac 28th July 2006 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by P_L
Didn't Conga serve some important purpose to the game? I seem to remember hitting him some large number of times, then he got really sad and gave me a jiggy or something like that ...

Yeah, he gives you a jiggy after you hit him a lot of time...

Banjo-Swopooie 28th July 2006 07:35 PM

You CAN'T do it again after you get his jiggy...He'll keep throwing oj's at you.

icegod 28th July 2006 08:37 PM

Isaac, I didn't mean your post, I ment the post before yours.

Isaac 28th July 2006 09:04 PM


Originally Posted by icegod
Isaac, I didn't mean your post, I ment the post before yours.

Well sorry then...And what about my theory?


Oh by the way...About the Secrets levels...Even if there's not a specific area for it, maybe there's two level in one...Maybe a part, a glitched one, or whatever, could be hiden in Click Clock Wood in the outside area? (behind the tree)...

What do you think about it?

Oh and...On the Juke Box, the Jolly Roger Lagoon's Icon is Captain BlackEye...The question is "why it's not Jolly, or a fish, or something related to the ocean?"...

And when I flew to the little hole on the next side of the lagoon, I was hearing seagull...
I'm just hoping we're doing all this for something, not for nothing...

supuhchris 28th July 2006 11:34 PM

maybe, since it's ridiculously secret area 1, maybe there originally were more! i dunno i'm just guessing.

Mr.Patch 29th July 2006 12:36 AM

well this is just guess but...

in BK you can go into banjo's house and go to his pictures and press (A i think)
and you will start playing a secret puzzel , i wanted to try that on the pictures in the room were blackeye is maybe theres a puzzel challenge there , i wanted to try it but i dont have the game so can someone go and try it for me?
thanks in advance.

qwertybub3 29th July 2006 12:44 AM


Originally Posted by icegod
I'm looking in every round of banjo kazooie searching for odd things, and I found something.

In mumbos mountain, go to conga. Take his orange and give it to the little monkey so he rises the platform and you can hit conga with an egg.

If you hit him with one time he will throw 1 orange at you, if you hit him 2 times he will throw 2 oranges at you. I hit him 15 times and he threw 15 oranges at me...

Maybe if you hit him 100 times something might happen?

You mean like this ?

Otacon 29th July 2006 05:37 AM

hmmm thats a good idea, the puzzle thing in blackeyes room.....but I think there is too much seculation going on, with odd little things, small glitches that were missed during testing, like Conga's orenges, or Blackeyes picture on the jukebox, I think we should simply, go over ALL off the text memorie finds and what not, that we have known, not speculated, Im not tring to flame anyone here, Im just saying we need to focus more on the facts than specualtions,

BanjoPL 29th July 2006 08:10 AM

I yesterday played B-K and went to room in Mad Monster Mansion where treasure chest is.I have some ideas about chest:
1.Can you noticed that wood blocked keyhole?
2.Maybe ice key can open chest...when wood will vanished?
3.Maybe chest is entrance to secret level? We know that entrance to TTC is chest.In Map room in Rusty Bucket Bay we can found 2 maps:TTC map with X where Sharkfood Island is and unknown island map.Perhaps SNS Beach is secret level?
4.It looks like that Blackeye is hidden somewhere in B-K.We can found his pictures in MMM.Rare said that evil pirate have mission and purpose(in B-K).In B-T he said that he has dream and he were in fine game and Banjo stole his glory...On Scribes Rare said that he was in Dream...but maybe they reffer to B-K? Maybe Banjo fight with Blackeye.He defeat captain and stole his glory...
5.In Banjo House there are 2 strange pictures:Fungus Forest and SNS Beach.Maybe they're show secret levels? FF will be unlocked via SNS with DK64 and SNS beach is hidden somewhere...Maybe really chest is the entrance to beach?(the same as entrance to TTC)
6.Maybe B-T can somehow activated chest? Maybe Blackeye in B-T have something to this...wood must vanished to reveal keyhole....

ultramegadude 29th July 2006 08:14 AM

that "sns beach" picture is actually a pic of hammerhead beach if i remember correctly

BanjoPL 29th July 2006 08:15 AM

Maybe pictures on Grabbed By the Ghoulies Board represent:
1.Spiral Mountain
2.Door to Banjo House
3.SNS Beach-secret level?

Can you noticed that Rare placed Devil Bottles picture in GBTG in the same place as Bottles picture in B-K: ON FIREPLACE

This is strange that when we start Bottles Puzzle Game in B-K then Bottles said that we will win mystery prize.But after beating all challanges we not win mystery prize but only funny sandcastle codes. I will tested this:
1.collect ice key
2.collect certain eggs again Bottles Puzzle Game

Another strange is that one of challanges in BPG is places in Blackeye's Bedroom where treasure chest is...and another in captain's'cabin...

Maybe after beating Bottles Puzzle Game with key and correct eggs secret level will activated?
Maybe chest will opened?

Now what eggs we should collect?

My idea:"Complete your homework and finally you will can play Devil Bottles subgame"

Dylan Yoshi 29th July 2006 08:35 PM


3.SNS Beach-secret level?
The picture of the beach in Banjo's house is from the secret beach ending, AKA Blubber's Secret Island.


and another in captain's'cabin...
Someone should try that challenge after activating the Red Egg via Sandcastle Code.

ultramegadude 29th July 2006 09:46 PM

o i have the red egg appears on the puzzle. nothin special tho

The Jinjo Jinjo 30th July 2006 04:29 AM

I've done it too. If the egg has been activated, it will be in the picture. If it hasn't, it won't be. o-O

BanjoPL 30th July 2006 04:14 PM

Maybe we should complete Banjo-Tooie without cheating?
In fact after completed Super Special Challange Jiggywiggy named Banjo as "chosen one"...but we can't use this code.
FGN Rare Talks Tooie November 2000:
"Feature that allow players come back to Banjo-Kazooie and unlock secret areas after complete Banjo-Tooie is in the game"
Its looks like that sandcastle codes or eggs activators are hidden in B-T.

Maybe in B-K we should collect only ice key and pink and blue eggs then activate secret level? Can you noticed that on GBTG board eggs on left side are smaller than eggs on right side? Maybe board represent:eggs from B-T(left) and eggs from B-K(right) Mumbo show us only key and pink and blue eggs.We should collect its and try activated secret level.Maybe really cyan,green and red eggs in B-T are ice,grenade and fire eggs? Ultimate SNS prize in B-T would be Bottles'Revenge.

I have another idea what pictures on GBTG board represent:
1.spiral way to lighthouse in TTC or Spiral Mountain
2.door to lighthouse or door to Banjo House
3.secret level or Sharkfood Island

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