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neen 21st June 2022 07:19 AM

post your current project
i've been working on a rom hack of super metroid for about two months now. current idea:

also, here are two full rooms of this hack i made in the past week:

Solid Snix 22nd June 2022 01:13 AM

Trying to make a game in SRPG Studio, mostly using the engine's default mechanics.
Outside of the player character, all party members are enemy units that have been recruited. The weapon triangle from Fire Emblem is retained - sword beats axe, axe beats lance, lance beats sword.

There are three elements in the magic category - fire ice and thunder. No element is inherently weak or resistant to another element. Instead, elemental affinities is specific to each unit. And some units may be resistant to physical but weak to magic and vice-versa.

There are two additional elements, holy and death. For the most part, units are either of light alignment or dark alignment, meaning they have a chance to be instantly killed by magic of the opposite alignment.

All of this you can do with the engine's basics, but there is something scripting related I'd have to figure out. In SRPGs like Fire Emblem, a unit will perform a follow up attack in battle if their speed stat is greater to a significant degree than the targets. I want to make it so that hitting a weakness flags a follow-up attack.

I'm mashing Fire Emblem and SMT together, is what I'm doing.

Mr. Airplane 22nd June 2022 05:05 AM

I've been casually working on a shmup when I have time

Solid Snix 23rd June 2022 12:40 AM

so that's why you're playing touhou

Mr. Airplane 23rd June 2022 07:35 AM

Actually, other way around. I started getting into shmups and Vampire Survivors and then thought about making one.

Solid Snix 24th June 2022 03:45 AM

I was finding it kind of difficult figuring out how to design enemies for my srpg project, but I think I found a good strat. Just like, when you see some sort of random thing -- an animal, an object, whatever -- design a unit around it

I saw mushrooms, for instance, and thought about a mushroom unit that releases poison when attacked, its mo being that it just sort of throws itself into battle and will have to be attacked with a ranged skill to be dealt with safely.

Solid Snix 24th June 2022 03:02 PM

Huh, this enemy for example could also work as a sort of stage hazard. They can start out planted in the ground and release a poison mist to adjacent tiles every single turn. And then say you shoot at one to destroy it, and it doesn’t die, it could run at the nearest player unit. Could even use them as stage hazards and as enemy units in tandem, with some already out of the ground.

Again its kind of hard thinking “okay I need various units and I gotta figure out what they do and their approximate stats.” But if you just look at something and go from there, the enemy designs itself.

Oh shit, also if you're gonna recruit one, maybe the shroom men have to be out of the ground. Meaning you might have to carefully agro it from the ground and get close to one.

dragon_kazoooie 3rd July 2022 10:01 PM

Posting this to motivate me to update with some progress on my current project by tomorrow.

EDIT: I got sick 'cause of course. I'll share when I start feeling better

Mr. Airplane 4th July 2022 12:14 AM

I've started reverse engineering Vegas Dream for the NES. These files can be loaded into FCEUX to view my comments and annotations (if you can even find where to do that, idk)

So far I've only reverse engineered the subroutine that renders the player's name. But it's surprisingly fun.

dragon_kazoooie 10th July 2022 10:13 AM

I just made a soundboard out of Ableton for the first time and it was really fun! I have the guy from Windwaker that says "Splish" and "KaBOOM" at my beck and call whenever I want him. And also dumb stuff like Banjo saying "UH-OH" and the marching song Link plays in Majora's Mask to wrangle up all the baby chicks.

Also it's easier than ever to trigger the Water Temple theme and I'm just over here living in my best way :P

EDIT: on the path to be a content creator because my narcissism tells me it would work. Trying to get my setup to be easy so that I can do the same thing every time and streamline it. Can't wait to start streaming again!

DOUBLE EDIT: Just got done with my first stream in years and it was SO MUCH FUN. A couple of friends even joined in so that chat wasn't so silent the whole time! It's fun to be back out there producing stuff again! :D

dragon_kazoooie 15th July 2022 11:01 PM

I have been using Premiere Pro for about 10 years now and am JUST NOW deciding to learn the advance key commands and holy cow I'm an idiot guys, it's SO much faster...

pastiche 16th July 2022 11:19 PM

I played live piano at an open mic this week. They have another one next month, so I want to try and come up with some other music thing to do. Maybe with some produced instrumental, maybe with some live vocal thing.

dragon_kazoooie 23rd July 2022 02:38 AM

I've been attempting to get back into the video making game and one of the things I wanted to do is create a digital soap opera using The Sims. Here's the first episode!

dragon_kazoooie 29th July 2022 03:23 AM

I also made this series called Grab Bag Games which is exactly what it sounds like.

I've been taking opinions on, everything of course, but mostly thinking about length. I've shown it to a few people now and some wanted it to be longer with more time with the games (which I prolly won't be able to do tbh) and others said that maybe making it shorter would be the way to go for them personally.

The reason I chose this length was due to Youtube's dumb thing about viewer retention being what keeps your channel circulating. I'd love to hear what you think either way!

UPDATE: Still working on that Sims soap opera too, I finally found some ways to capture the footage that really helps the process out and makes it a lot easier to work with in editing. I'm actually getting somewhat invested in the characters now too 'cause even I don't know exactly what's gonna' happen. :p

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