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If you guys have time, here's a 2d image mod you could go through. Coolboyman, Wwwarea(the person who found this code), and I initially started on this a couple weeks ago. However, I've been sidetracked with other projects such as the BK Map Editor and DK64 Kiosk Restoration, so you guys can finish it up.

This code is for one of the flames right outside the Dino Domain entrance. You can activate it in the Dino Domain lobby. Works with (U)(M2)(V1.0)
2d image modifier:
811DA47A 00??

0x00A4 - Diamond
0x00A3 = Red ball
0x00A2 - ????
0x00A1 - ????
0x00A0 - Silver Coin(side)?
0x009F - Gold Rare Coin (beta)
0x009E - N flag
0x009D - N coin
0x009C - Bannanna
0x009B - Silver Balloon
0x009A - Gold balloon
0x0099 - Blue balloon N present (beta)
0x0098 - Red balloon N present (beta)
0x0097 - Rainbow Balloon
0x0096 - Yellow balloon/purple stars
0x0095 - Green balloon
0x0094 - Red Balloon
0x0093 - Blue Balloon
0x0092 - R
0x0091 - Notes
0x0090 - Similar to 8F(beta?)
0x008F - Note (beta?)
0x008E - Note (beta?)
0x008D - blur ball thing
0x008C - traffic light (beta?)
0x008B - EXIT (beta)
0x008A - Camera (beta)
0x0089 - Cloud N Sun?(beta)
0x0088 - AI (BETA)
0x0087 - FOG+-(Beta)
0x0086 - Nothing?
0x0085 - Yellow Char Indicator
0x0084 - Torch W Eyes (beta)
0x0083 - Torch w Eyes (beta)

0x0080 = Snowman
0x0077 = Lightpost
0x0070 = Snowtree
0x0064 = Spark
0x0063 = String of Balloon
0x0062 = ST
0x0061 = 1
0x0060 = Up arrow
0x005C - Pro AM64 (beta!)
0x0040 = Go!
0x003F = Get Ready!
0x0030 = Glow
0x0028 = Light glow
0x0024 = Light glow
0x0022 = Water splash
0x0021 = Wizpig 2
0x0020 = Wizpig 1
0x0007 = ?
0x0006 = Cresent Island
0x0005 = Hot Top Volcano
0x0004 = Snowball Valley
0x0003 = Whale Bay
0x0002 = Pirate Lagoon
0x0001 = Ancient Lake

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