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Prologue: And so we meet Bobby

Bobby woke up at precisely 8.02am, he realised he had missed his favorite show, "damn it" he sighed.

Bobby woke up at precisely 7.30am, he realised his favorite show was just starting, he turned on his tv and proceeded to watch The Thompsons it wasn't untill half way through Bobby realised he had forgotten to put the rubbish bin out "damn it" he sighed.

Bobby woke up at precisely 6.59am, he realised he was just in time to put his rubbish bin out. He then proceeded to go to his kitchen grab the nearest box of YUMMO, pour them into a bowl and eat them it then occured to bobby that the chair was higher then normal and that the spoon he was eating with was bigger he ignored this and when into his bathroom he turned the tap and splashed cool water onto his face he looked at the mirror to see a toddler staring back at him.

Bobby fell back "WHAT THE?" he turned round but nothing was there he looked back at the mirror and there looking at him was a toddler, he squeezed his cheek and the toddler squeezed his cheek "oh damn. . ." Bobby then realised that he was standing on a box "OH GOD DAMN IT!"

Bobby went to call up his friend Raptor now Raptor being the dark S.O.B he was was watching the news and responded to Bobby's "GOOGOOBAGAROOOOO" as a sideeffect to the solar flare that had occured earlier he responded to Bobby "Bobby I can't understand you bro but there was a solar flare and all these randoms got powers! however it seems they have side effects!" Raptor look at the glint of sun piercing through the gap in the curtains, he grabbed some masking tape and tape it up "I have a severe alergic reaction to sunlight would you mind coming round ?" "Googagoo"

----End of Prologue----
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