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The world has forsaken me, I of the sharigan they shall be doomed and I shall be there antichrist the world will burn for what they did to me and the other Extraordinaries

Chapter 1 The coming of Heroes

Jubilee was having the worst bad hair day of her life! Her hair after the strange solar flare proclaimed on the news had suddenly decided to have a mind of its own she had instantaneously called up her best friends, Kaz who had apparently developed the power of flight and YellowKazooie who apparently seemed to have developed similar powers to Kaz the only difference was that her nose just got really big and really really really hard.

Bobby couldn't believe he was in this mess, in his toddler form he was getting strange looks from people on the street as he in his toddler state was riding a motor bike down a narrow alley he rounded the bend and saw the Maydew Street sign he flew down the street too see two girls crossing the road in front of him.
He narrowly swerved and crashed into a pole.

Bobby awoke to the talkings of two girls "thats one ugly baby" a girl giggle "oh, um yeah I suppose he is . . . " said another. Bobby opened one eye to see one of the prettiest girls he had ever beholded "oh, um, hes woken up" "about time!" Bobby stood up dusted himself off winked and strode off to Raptors house.


Jubilee's hair was out of control it literally was tearing apart the house it didn't occur to Jubilee that giving it a command might make the hair stop flailing about so it just kept on what it was doing and you know what, the hair was having fun!

Kaz opened the door and a vase flew towards her head "Beak Punch" then the vase shattered into pieces thanks to YellowKazooies huge snoz "um. . .Jubilee are you in here?" YellowKazooie bluntly walked in to the house and began pointing out all the faults "bad archetecture, I thought you were getting this fixed" she shouted as her head looked round into the spare room where Jubilee sitting on the floor completly bewildered, did nothing to stop her hair which at that moment,had decided to play chess.


Bobby jumped up and turned the door handle and walked into the house "SHUT THE DAMNED DOOR" screamed raptor who sent a shadow flying for the door knob slamming the door shut.
"You took your time, here come look at this, I have been searching the web and it seems that the strange anomaly should never have happened, something caused the solar flare to colide with the moon magnifying its energies into radioactive beams which then, yet again, were magnifyed by the atmosphere" he swung round "do you get what I'm saying?" "goo" Bobby replied Raptor sighed,"oh and you know that RWP forum that we are on, well it seems most of the members live in this very city!"
Raptors grandfather clock stuck twelve and Bobby suddenly changed into a teenager "OH THANK GOD" seriously, was getting sick of being that thing.
Bobby pulled up a chair "I get what your saying Raptor, your saying that someone must have already had a power to somehow cause this anomaly to happen!" Raptor nodded "and that they must have got their powers from some place!"

Bobby and Raptor were in deep conversation when one of their friends GalacticMario decided to burst through the door "HAE GUIZ GUESS WUT I HAZ" Raptor spun round and a shadowy hand picked up GalacticMario whilst another slammed the door shut.
Bobby screamed "HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU WE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!" the shadowy hand broke apart "BARREL THROW" GalacticMario became apelike and gained a couple of pounds then, out of nowhere, a barrel hurtled towards Bobby.
Bobby had quick reflexes and jumped at Raptor. . .

End of Chapter 1

Next time

Chapter 2 And enter the Villains
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