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They deserved this curse, this curse they laid apon us three we shall punish them, those who have not learnt. . .

Chapter 2 And enter the villains

Dark Jinjo sat apon his throne to his left the man that people called crazy Mhot who said he could see the author and this was just a perverted fan fic then to his right was the man who controlled fire, Gobi, he who caused the solar flare to explode from the sun.

Dark Jinjo: It seems we have caused chaos on this world of ours

Mhot: Well thats what we planned was it not?

Gobi: Indeed it was

Dark Jinjo: Brothers our revenge is only in stage 1 stage 2 as you all know is to find someone who has the fabled Majora Power

Mhot: Majora power?

Gobi: The power to make the moon fall

Dark Jinjo: The moon will fall but just as it is about to enter the atmosphere

Mhot: we kill the man?

Gobi: or woman

Dark Jinjo: That has that power, yes we do

Mhot: Then stage 3

Gobi: But we shall not discuss that yet

Dark Jinjo: No. . . not yet

The three tortured beings laughed. . . .


YellowKazooie screamed "JUBILEE COMMAND YOUR HAIR TO STOP!" Kaz sighed "whats the point" Jubilee looked at YellowKazooie "what, you expect me to say stop hair! and my hair will stop?" her hair froze and collasped YellowKazooie sighed "I think your hair only responds to commands".
Kaz stared through a window at the blacked out house next door "who lives in there?"
Jubilee looked up "only some weird guy I think his name is Rapter, why do you want to know?" YellowKazooie winked "her boyfriend went in there, its funny 'coz hes a toddler" Jubilee laughed "then lets go visit!"

Bobby grabbed Raptor and the world slowed down in a blink of an eye the barrels that were coming at them had vanished! "what the hell was that?" moaned Raptor, Bobby smiled "I can travel through time" Raptor created ropes and Bobby positioned himself behind the door.
Bobby and Raptor were in deep conversation when one of their friends GalacticMario decided to burst through the door "HAE GUIZ GUESS WUT I HAZ" Raptor spun round and the ropes lashed round Galactic Mario he tried to struggle free but Bobby picked him up and through him into the nearest closet and slammed the door "idiot. . ."

Kaz, Jubilee and YellowKazooie skipped merrily over to Raptor's house Jubilee commanded her hair to knock on the door and then they all stepped back, there was a noise and a Teenagers head popped round the door he saw Kaz his eyes widened and he opened the door to let them in.
Bobby stuttered "ah. .. th-th-these are the g-g-girls who um were outside when I was a t-t-toddler" Raptor slammed the door shut "well your just in time ladies we are about to do some research" YellowKazooie gulped "your not going to rape us are you"
"KAZOOIE!" exclaimed a shocked Kaz, Bobby laughed "I'm the toddler" Jubilee tilted her head "your powers sideeffect?" Bobby grinned "unfortunatly" "OKAY" announced Raptor "ITS TIME TO FIGURE OUT WHO DID THIS, WHY THEY DID THIS AND WHY THEY DID THIS TO DO THIS TO DO THIS!" Kaz gulped "I think I get that. . ."


Chapter 3

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