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Chapter 3.5 CONT

Smouvy was drinking a glass of wine he had no idea why he should've came but he did, so here he was. The President was dead no matter how much the FWIB tried to cover it up.
Smouvy didn't know why he did not have a power, all he did know was that he liked to hunt.
He drained his glass of wine and looked around a room a typical bar. A stranger walked up to Smouvy and sat down next to him Smouvy smiled "your from the FWIB" the person was instantly recognized as Jinji
"yes I am and you know why I'm here" Smouvy tilted his head

"you want me to find out who did this to you?"

"since you are under the radar noone will notice you"

"you'd be surprised actually. . ."

"you didn't think this through did you?"

"to be honest no I haven't but someone has been asking questions about me and I want to find out who it is"

"so you want me to do it?"

"your the best detective the goverment had"


"all the other detectives have been assasinated and from there deaths it looks like he moves with the speed of a child"

"a child? why is that strange?"

"because . . . a detective worked out who he was"

"who was he?"

"apparently he should be dead

"how old is he?"

"one hundred and fifty

"Cool story Brutha!"

"you don't believe me?"

"look at the reports"

Jinji chucked a few files in front of smouvy who glanced through them.

"hes immortal?"

"it seems so"

"and why should I help"

Jinji got out of a pair of sunglasses


He put them on

"its my way or the highway"

"and he left"


End of Chapter 3


Chapter 4 -The plot thickens-
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