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Chapter 4 The Plot Thickens

Jinji strode down a narrow alley way the wind was blowing incredibly hard as he walked, everytime his foot hit the ground a tink echoed down the alley way he narrowed his eyes and a watery whip appeared in his hand.

Jinji spun round and a man in a cloak with two huge icy claws supporting him above the alley way looked down at him. Jinji ducked as fifteen sharp as knives Ice shards perforated the wall behind him.

Jinji ran down the alley way throwing up watery guards which broke the second the ice hit them he tripped and tumbled against a wall and the stranger looked down at him a swarm of Ice shards at his finger tips. . . and then he pointed at Jinji


Raptor spoke swiftly "if you girls wanna help us figure out who is behind the presidents assasination then you can" Jubilee and the other two got into a group huddle and discussed it throughly for an hour, at last they came to a agreement. "we will join you" said YellowKazooie "if" said Kaz "you let us design the costumes" Bobby and Raptors mouths literally fell open "design costumes?" "the world is on the brink of chaos and you want a break to make. . . costumes?!" "exactly" YellowKazooie smiled.

Dark Jinjo sat on his throne the crazed murderer Balobo was dragged in by Gobi and Metalherooftime.

Balobo: "what do you want from me"

D.J: "easy I want your aid"

Balobo: "in"

D.J: "we both know you killed Tanjo, I want you to kill someone for me to keep that a secret"

Balobo: "who do you want me to kill?"

D.J: "Mr.L"

Balobo: "why?"

D.J: "because to be frank after he murders Jinji he will most likely get caught, I want you to kill him before that"

Balobo: "and If I don't?"

D.J: "my friend here will kill you, isn't that so MHOT?"

MHOT: "as it is written so it shall be"

Balobo: "what does that mean?"

D.J: "he thinks this is a story, Mhot touch him"

MHOT walked over tripped and touched Balobo for a split second.

Balobo: "Well that .. . worked . . . "

Balobos eyes glazed over and he collasped

D.J: "He will recover soon . . ."

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