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Chapter 5 A tanjo with death

Jinji saw the shards flying at him and closed his eyes, "oi mate get up I can't hold this much longer or it will consume the area". Jinji opened his eyes to see that he was in a bubble slowly growing being controlled by a strange man he saw the cloaked figure try as he might to pierce it, but to no avail.

The man grunted "on the count of three this will vanish there is a door behind you open it I'll dash in and you slam it shut okay?" Jinji nodded, but the cloaked figure seemed to be forming a gigantic Iceberg the stranger looked round "how about we forget the counting and we do this now" the bubble vanished Jinji opened the door the myserious man ran in Jinji slammed the door and then all was silent except for the flicker of light, Jinji turned Smouvy the Detective didn't seem worried infact he looked pretty bemused.

The stranger dragged up a chair "relax the stones of this house are heated he couldn't get in if he tried" he sat down "that probably made no sense so sit down and calm down" Jinji sat down and asked the first question "who are you?"

"I am Ban the Bubble Man"

"that rhymed"

"yeah unfortunate name, right?"

"yeah. . . "

"so what are you doing here with smouvy"

"hes asked me to help you and him"

Jinji turned to Smouvy "so your gonna help?"

"sure killing this murderer might actually lead us to who caused this in the first place"


Bobby stood up "fine make the dumb costumes" Kaz giggled "we already have?" Raptor glanced round "already wh-" Kaz and the two others held up the groups outfits "that was fast" murmured Bobby "actually" said YellowKazooie "you guys spent so long deciding we made them for kicks!".


Dark Jinjo sat apon his throne all his plans were slotting into place hopefully this time next week he would be in full control of the planet and then stage 3 could be put into motion. Gobi and Metal were playing cards "you know your just a fictional character" Gobi looked up "what?" "your actually based off of the authors username on a forum" "um. . . " "I am as well so don't worry" "I'm not . . ." "checkmate!" "we are playing poker. . ." "I know I'm playing chess I just cornered your king with three Queens" "thats a three of a kind" "no . . .its a checkmate"

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