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Chapter 6 The terror of RwCity

Bobby stepped out of the room in which he was getting changed "A CAT SUIT?"Jubilee grinned "yup your name reminds me of a cat for some reason". Deep in Dark Jinjos lair MHOT randomly said "BOBBYTHECAT IS A RARE WITCH MEMBER". Raptor stepped out of the closet "an overcoat and a blindfold with eye holes cut out in it. . .and you gave him a cat suit" Kaz winked "well we were feeling creative" Bobby ripped off his cat suit "I AM NOT WEARING THAT SHIT" "LANGUAGE BOBBY!" Raptor ripped off his Blindfold "I'M KEEPING THE OVERCOAT BUT I AM NOT WEARING THAT RIBBON!" suddenly the wardrobe burst open and a huge obese Bowser came stomping out of it then morphed into a Charizard and flew out the wall. "wow" said Raptor.

Dark Jinjo was badass everything about him screamed badass from his overcoat to his dark sunglasses he was badass nothing else could make him more badass except for the three shurikan and Samurai blade that hang from his side, it probably didn't help that he had the Sharigan the ultimate ninja boost.
Dark Jinjo had two sideeffects one he couldn't swim and two which wasn't widely known was that he shouted out his attacks.
He strode down a narrow alley way looking for his contact he remembered he was meeting him in the bar somewhere along here "damn it . . . .all this for a kill" he shouted "BLADE SWIPE!" the door fell in and Dark Jinjo stepped over the rubble the room was filled with a bunch of tatooed men each looking angry "oh this shall be fun FINAL CRESCENDO!" in a blur of his blade every single man in the room had a gash in there heart they gurgled and simultaneously each one collasped.
He walked up to the Barkeep who was looking like he had pissed himself twenty times over "where is Mr.L?" The Barkeep hesitated "In the room behind me" Dark Jinjo pondered killing him "BOO!" the Barkeep screamed jumped over the counter and tripped on a barstool and smacked his head on a table. He died instantly. "Go figure!" murmured Dark Jinjo as he simply slashed the Bar in half and walked through the wreckage he opened the door all was quiet Dark Jinjo sat on the chair opposite Mr.L "Jinji?" he asked "alive" "how?" "Ban and Smouvy" Dark Jinjo sighed they had been a thorn in his plans for far too long "you have failed me Mr.L" Mr.L dived ice cut Jinjos hand Dark Jinjos blade blurred Mr.L collasped dead. . .A drop of blood hit the ground as Dark Jinjo left.

=========HOLY SHIT MAN!=====================

Dark Jinjo met up with Mhot and Gobi at a street corner "what are we doing?" asked MHOT "my hightened senses can smell powers I know the smell of who we are tracking, so come on hes down this street". Bobby was pissed the girls were sulking in a corner and the computer was sulking with Raptor, he literally had nothing to do. "Gobi" asked Dark Jinjo Gobi ignited fire balls and pounded the house with fire, the fire burnt out nearly instantly apon impact and craters opened the house up to the street revealing the group of people inside Mhot flipped in "don't worry my lovelys" he touched each of the people in the room they all collasped as the shock of having their powers drained hit "you'll recover soon" he darted around the room attaching shackles to each of the strangers. Gobi stepped in through the door and began gathering energy "any of them have the power?" "no . . . but he was here" replied Dark Jinjo looked at the group of people he pointed at Bobby "name?" "Bobby" "well Bobby you and your friends are now my prisoners, you are going to come to my castle and your going to live in my dungeons then if your lucky you will work in my castle, understood?" "yessir" "good man" Mhot Gobi commandeered a van put them in it.

-----Twenty Minutes later-----

Dark Jinjo shut the back of the van and locked it he got behind the steering wheel he shouted to Gobi "INCINERATE THE HOUSE" Gobi pointed to the ground the entire radius of the house was incinerated Gobi got in beside Dark Jinjo "where's Mhot?" "looking after the prisoners" "oh they will have fun!"
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