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Chapter 7 The one that got away

Homsar looked up. Blinded. He remembered what it was like to see back before he grew wings and was called a freak then MHOT came. . . how he hated MHOT they wanted to know why he got a power and noone else he said he didn't know MHOT kicked him and caused his wings to erupt and fall off his back many painful times probably the thing good about this was that his senses had increased. . . this was probably bad karma he has broken a many old ladies back by flying up behind them and shouting "BOO!" he felt the thick bandage around his eyes. . . it was MHOT's idea he had decided that he wouldn't talk because he was hiding something, so they had ripped out one of his eyes when he still didn't tell MHOT told him that the author would have his vengeance and ripped out his other. . . Homsar didn't understand it was apparent MHOT had a power and so did Dark Jinjo and Gobi but why torture him?


Clanking suits of armor met the truck at the castle grounds within each burned black fire that enchanted the armor into battle they seemed to have obtained some of metals power and when they grabbed each person they immediatly felt week again.
Bobby reflected that horrible trip MHOT poking them with a rapier and called them his darlings and telling them how he was going to enjoy seeing what the "Author" has instore for them. Galactic had morphed into epona and was quite enjoying galloping through the street in horse form when he saw the massive castle he morphed into a pidgey and flew up to get a better look. Gobi stood at the entrance next to Dark Jinjo he reflected how lifeless everything now was he pressed his hand to the door and released fire it trickled along the gaps and into the complex mechanism inside suddenly the gears began spinning and the door creaked open. Raptors head was a buzz with plans he knew exactly how to take out these suits of armor and turn them against their masters. . .if only he could use his power.

Jinji, Smouvy and Ban were driving in there jeep they knew where Dark Jinjos HQ was due to a tip off and were now heading there. Ban was the first to notice the motor cycle following them it had been trailing them for a while. Smouvy was quite happy listening to his tunes as noone bothered him as he cleaned his shotgun. Jinji realised the road was blocked and that they had been led into a trap he tried turning but he lost control of the car. "GET OUT NOW" all three jumped out as the jeep promptly rammed into the blockade and exploded. The man on the motor cycle flipped off with surprising speed he chucked his helmet to the ground and three daggers flew for the companions throats. Ban summoned a shield around them as smouvy loaded his Shotgun Jinji noticed a bottled water shop conveniently placed beside the stranger who he remembered to be known as BALOBO, "guys hang on" Ban dropped his shield and Jinji caused a tsunami of water to explode from the shop colliding with Balobo knocking him senseless meanwhile as Ban and Jinji ran back they watched Smouvy fire cartridge after cartridge methodically into Balobo but then the strangest thing happened a shadow of Mr.L seemed to step out of Balobo and freeze the air around him Jinji whispered "hes alive?"
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