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Chapter 8 from humble beginnings to the end of the world

Dark Jinjo smelt GalacticMario a mile off he even knew what he looked like just by the smell masking his scent. Dark Jinjo led the creaking armor and their unique prisoners down into the dungeons. Homsar cawed, he missed being able to talk noone had been down here for what seemed decades. . . but now he heard that worn door at the top of the staircase slam open. . . he knew prisoners were being led down here. . . his domain his dreary thrice accursed domain. Bobby was frantic due to some bizzare sideeffect to the armor he was continuously flashing between three different phases of life at a blink he would be a toddler then a Teenager and then his teeth would fall out and he would be an old man. Jubilees hair was dying, she knew it was dying it was going gray she pondered over wether after her hair died she would die as well. . . she hoped not.

The group of prisoners were chucked into separate cells. Bobby hit the ground he was screaming he could not control the rapid changes of his body. Raptor realised he had no shadow "not a good thing" he thought. Jubilee curled up into a ball she was cold so cold. . . Mhot was enjoying this he had got out his rapier and was having a fun time taunting the two girls he called the bird twins "hey big nose if you get sick is it called bird flu? he then proceeded to prod them through the bars both of them looked too shaken up to even retort, even yellowkazooie's smart mouth could not save her from MHOT swarm of razor sharp taunts.Gobi had returned to his room fueling the blackfire into the hearts of the Armored Mavericks. Dark Jinjo waited behind a door a dirty blob that Dark Jinjo thought resembled a grimer dripped through the keyhole it then morphed into a man then Dark Jinjo struck. Galactic wondered where the hell he was when a hilt of a blade collided with the back of his head he thought he heard the dark chuckle of a man as he hit the ground.

The Phantom.L was fast Ban was having a hard time summoning his shields as Smouvy loaded his shotgun Jinji was pondering pulling the water vapor out of everything around the Phatom it could possibly stop it. Smouvy fired the bullet when right through the phantom "HOLY SHIT!" Ban grunted "yeah we know it went through" "not that look!" smouvy pointed at the standing Balobo the bullets falling out of his skin his unrecognisable face locking back into place . . .the skin did not grow back. The Phantom.L as it now was known vanished and the three companions found themselves being bombarded with ice coming from the immortals hands he laughed a guttural sound and then he spoke "I AM NO LONGER BALOBO! I AM THE MONSTROSITY!" the three friends ran. They ran and ran and ran, Monstrosity right behind them his hideous skeletal face grinning horribly at them Jinji grunted "his powers . . . they have evolved!" Ban "yeah I kn-" Ban was lifted in the air a icy claw protuding from his chest his eyes went dull his limbs limp and then Smouvy fired at the ground.
Jinji didn't understand at first. . .he was still in shock but Smouvy the clever devil he was had fired at the bridge that Jinji hadn't known they had been running across Smouvy with a quick "hang on" wrapped his arm around Jinji and jumped an incredible distance and landed with a "WHUMP" on the other side the Monstrosity roared, realising it had to find another way across.

Jinji asked Smouvy "where are we?" "look up mate. . . we are at your destination" Jinji looked up there in front of him was Dark Jinjos castle.
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