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Chapter 9 Here be dragons

Dark Jinjos puzzle was complete the final piece was being dragged into place. Literally.
The hour of reckoning was at hand now to head to the tallest tower and make the moon fall. Green Matso was the Moon Breaker that all he was and all he would ever be. Long ago MHOT and Gobi had destroyed everything he had. He then in a spell of madness had given his loyalty to Dark Jinjo. Dark Jinjo the badass guy he was had repaid the oath of loyalty by locking Green Matso within a Iron Casket where he could not bend metal and no longer attempt to avenge his family. Bobby was changed he had that energy of a toddler which turned out to be lots, the body of a teenager and the eyes of an old man. The monstrosity was walking through the moat was water parting before the burning forcefield that enshrouded him he had taken it from Ban and it allowed easy travel through water he climbed up the bank and looked up he knew that this was where Dark Jinjos plan would come into action. . . all he would have to do is climb up. Homsar was in a flurry his beak dancing across the jail bars like a stiletto it danced happily. Raptor was waiting quite patiently he reckoned soon or later something would happen so he sat and calmly hummed a tune.
Jinjo and Smouvy were creeping through the long corridors when they heard the steps of armored feet they hid behind a wide bookshelf as they watch Dark Jinjo drag a dazed Galactic Mario. Bobby touched the lock of the cell it began to rust he couldn't believe what was happening. . . was it possible he could now age things by touch? the lock shattered and the cell door opened he dashed round freeing everyone and then he approached the casket. Homsar broke out of his cage and cawed at the glazy eyes prisoners he flew over to the guy who he had seen free them who was now looking curiously at the casket he cawed silently and Bobby instantly knew this was a friend. Gobi had been given the task of retrieving the casket he went down to the dungeons and saw the gathering of people he chuckled a man turned round and said "get him!" but it was too late Gobi like many of the others had evolved his power as well suddenly wings sprouted from his back his teeth and fingernails turned sharp a great tail sprouted from behind and skin became scales "I AM GOBI AND I AM THE KING OF FIRE" he swept in knocking over everyone a bird foolishly pecked at him but he grabbed it by the leg and tossed it to the ground he saw a man standing in front of the casket as if to defend it. Bobby jumped onto the casket as the dragon picked it up in a claw he held on as the dragon quite literally went through the wall and spiralled upwards Bobby heard raptor shout "quick everyone we have to go up!"
The group of people led by Raptor surprised an armored platoon Raptor whipped up shadow and three people of the bird did a combined beak bomb then as the scattered pieces fell Raptor brought new life to them pouring shadows into their cavities they stood up to serve him "we serve you master" they muttered. Bobby let go of the Dragon and tumbled to the ground he looked up and the Dragon broke the casket a man tumbled out in front of Dark Jinjo who laughed he pointed at a man wearing a strange mask and he began to scream a scream unlike anyother a scream that could pierce the heavens and far up above. . . .

The Moon Awakened.

Deep within the core of the moon at computer screen flashed ---signal obtained commencing fall---
Dark Jinjo was laughing maniacally the man with the mask was still screaming as it fell off. Bobby recognized him as Galactic Mario as he fell and crumpled. Mhot cried "LOOOK WHO I FOUND" he was dragging smouvy and Jinji by their collars somehow he knew where they were and had quite literally dragged them out of their hiding spot up the stairs and here. Dark Jinjo smiled a horrible smile "guess what everyone?" he chuckled "theres three of us and three of you" he pointed at Bobby showing he had noticed him "however its not a fair fight so I'll tell you what you can choose who you fight me, Dragon Gobi or MHOT" Jinji and Smouvy rushed over to Bobby "oh" said Dark Jinjo "you only have a short amount of time, because soon the moon will skim the atmosphere and then the fun begins!" Smouvy gasped "its a trick question, Gobi and MHOT are equally strong but Dark Jinjo is far above them I heard he took out a platoon of marines with a twitch of his blade!" "we choose" said Jinji standing up "MHOT!" Dark Jinjo sighed and clicked his fingers a wall of Darkness sprang up and surround him and the casket which he proceeded to open MHOT looked at them and smiled but then it happened. . . . A huge bird came dive bombing through the air smashing Dragon Gobi off the top of the tower and then what could only be the Monstrosity literally leaped off the tower and clung onto the Dragons foot freezing it instantly. The three beasts tumbled down the side of the tower.

Chapter 10 A Maniac's Hatred revealed
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