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Chapter 10 A maniacs hatred revealed

Dark Jinjo laughed he had just told Green Matso what he wanted him to do and Matso's face was one of horror "you are bound to be matso you will do what I ask" Matso struggled but he had to compel.
Within the moon the computer program active now began to push the reflective silver panels out from under the moon dust.
Smouvy, Jinji and Bobby stood looking on at a chuckling MHOT, he spoke "you have no chance against me your powers will quite literally vanish the second I touch you . . . this is gonna be easy" MHOT twirled waved his hands and two halberds appeared in them he chuckled "I AM THE METAL HERO YOU SHALL NOT DEFEAT ME!" suddenly his skin seemed to flash as it changed to the color silver, "MY TRUE PURPOSE IS REVEALED, DON'T YOU SEE? I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE HERE, ALWAYS MEANT TO BE FIGHTING YOU, OF COURSE I HAD TO DISGUISE MYSELF TO CARRY OUT THE AUTHORS WILL YOU SEE. . . HE WAS THE ONE THAT GAVE ME THIS POWER BECAUSE I QUITE LITERALLY DO NOT EXIST IN THIS STORY, YOU SHALL NOT BEAT ME FOR IT IS WRITTEN!" and the battle was on.
The Metal Hero spun his Halberd and chucked one at Smouvy, he jumped out of its way and fired at Metal Hero with his shotgun the bullet collided with his skin the Metal Hero glanced down "you dented me. . .I am disapoint" he turned to Jinji who was conjuring up a wave of water "please you think that will stop me?" Metal Hero rushed Jinji but suddenly like a darting cat Bobby jumped onto Metal Hero he shrieked as he lashed out at Jinji with his halberd who jumped out of the way. "GET OFF ME BOBBY" he shouted as he threw Bobby off his back onto the cold hard stone Smouvy fired round after round at the Metal Hero and then Jinji lashed out at him with a water whip. Metal Hero screamed "IT'S TIME TO MAKE THIS A ONE V ONE" Smouvy went to run but Metal Hero grabbed him silver seemed to latched onto Smouvy's body as he went from a man to a metal ornament. Jinji shouted "SMOUVY!" suddenly he saw Metal Hero coming at him he saw Bobby making a desprate attempt to jump on him but he was knocked away Jinji saw Metal's hero's hand clasp his arm and the metal ran up his body. Jinji fell. . . another metal ornament added to Metal Hero's collection "atlast Bobby its just you and me, the warrior of time and the Metal Hero" Bobby ran and grabbed Metal Hero's fallen Halberd "its you or me Metal Hero" "oh my dear Bobby do you not understand? you can never win the author has already written it" Bobby roared and ran at the Metal Hero their halberds clashing somehow Bobby noted they were flying as the two opposing forces clashed spark after spark rained to the ground the passion of Bobby versus the maniacle hatred of the Metal Hero what a horrible spectacle indeed. Dark Jinjo glanced at Bobby and Metal Hero and looked up as he knew would be there the now visible panels of the moon glinted down to Earth hardly doing what the ancients intended them he shouted to Matso "now Matso TURN THE MOON!" Matso gasped as he used the full extent of his power to turn the moon slowly it began centimetre by centimetre inch by inch the moon was turning.
Bobby realised that the Metal Hero was speeding up faster then humanly possible he realised he was lost but deep in his mind a voice whispered "you have yet skimmed your power Bobby allow us to help!" suddenly bright light shined from Bobby's body he looked up everything was in slow motion Metal Hero of time's eyes however seemed to be normal Bobby stabbed Metal Hero in his chest and then time sped up the Metal Hero stuttered "how. . .how is this possible? it was written that I would defeat you. . . ." Bobby whispered "what is written can be erased". Deep within another universe a man sat on his chair his pencil snapped and the chapter he was working on the Rise of the Metal Hero caught aflame.
Down below the tower Raptor led the Extraordinary army into battle against the armor not yet changed Gobi had somehow escaped the battle between the Monstrosity and Homsar and was not leading the charge against Raptor's army. Raptor was releived Gobi was no longer a dragon. Kaz shouted "look at the moon there is panels on it. . . and its turning!" Raptors brain suddenly clicked he knew was Dark Jinjo was planning to do and if he did Dark Jinjo and everyone else on the top of that tower would be a demigod, he could not let that happen "FOR FREEDOM FOR THE WORLD!" he roared.
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