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Chapter 11 Triumph of the Dark one

The Metal Hero was dead his lifeless dull corpse was rolled off the tower by a push of Bobby's foot. He turned to Dark Jinjo "this ends here Dark Jinjo, tell your crony to stop!" Dark Jinjo turned grinning evily "but my dear boy this is only just beginning my final act is put into motion and now I can become the strongest being on this rock of a planet!" he pointed upward Bobby looked up.

The moon had finished its turning the panels were angled just right so at the next solar flare the full power of it will hit the top of the tower powering everyone on it atlast Dark Jinjos plan was revealed!

Dark Jinjo looked at his watch "my boy . . . you only have thirty seconds" Bobby jumped at him a desperate last effort but Dark Jinjo simply pushed him to the ground "sit! watch the making of a god!"

3. . .

2. . .

1. . .

The solar flare shot out of the sun blazing across the vacuum of space and then it his the panels there was a blazing glare and then a flaming dragon shot down towards earth. Dark Jinjo flipped up and was hit by the wave of energy "yes. . . YES!" the power flowed into him but then when all was thought to be lost Bobby jumped into the light he to was powered by the supernatural energies and then all was quiet.

Raptor led his warriors into a standoff the staircase was guarded by Gobi who at this point had claws and was spitting fire into the battle "you sssshall not defeatsssss ussssss" Raptor picked up a rapier "MHOT's rapier, whats it doing down here. . . I wonder" Raptor slashed at the nearest agressive living armor the second the blade made contact it fell in. "hey Gobi wanna fight" "it would be my pleasure" "then let us dance" "US DANCE OF DEATH! screamed Gobi as he spat fire around him and Raptor.

Two arenas. . .

Two battles. . .

Two outcomes . . .

Who will win?

Bobby and Dark Jinjo got up, the first thing Bobby noticed was that everything was in slow motion except for Dark Jinjo. Dark Jinjo stood up he had noticed two things one the Sharigan were on the palms of his hands and strange black tattoos ran from these sharigan up his arms and by a glance of his heel all over his body, the second thing was that there was something coming out of his back and unless he did something about it soon it was gonna hurt.
Bobby looked at Dark Jinjo "this is what you wanted right?, we are both God!" "you are not worthy" said Dark Jinjo looking up, Bobby's eyes widened his face was covered in black tattoos "YOU WERE NEVER WORTHY!" he ripped his shirt and overcoat off revealing the spreading tattoos however the most shocking thing was the dark green wing spreading from his left shoulder "I AM DARK JINJO THE SHARIGAN INCARNATE!" and he took flight "FEEL THE BURN!" he shouted and green fire rained from the sky Bobby noticed he moved incredibly quickly as he dodged past the balls he jumped and punched Dark Jinjo in his face he heard a sickening crunch, Bobby dropped and rolled he turned round to see D.J floating there the tattoos were spinning around the facial wound and healing it! "it seems. . ." murmured Dark Jinjo "that we shall have to turn up the heat a little" he brought out his blade which Bobby noticed looked more demonic then before and clasped the handle in his teeth he the clicked his fingers and two other blades of similar proportion appeared in each hand.
"ENTERNAL REQUIEM!" Dark Jinjo swept across the ground the three blades hungry for blood Bobby roundhouse kicked Dark Jinjo in the jaw releasing his clasp on the blade as Bobby dived he murmured "my friend Chuck taught me that one" he picked up Dark Jinjos fallen blade "now we each have a knife!" Dark Jinjo spat "please the battles only beginning. Galactic Mario stumbled up saw the battle turned into a charizard and jumped off the tower, suddenly a figure jumped onto his back he heard a whisper "I am Matso lets get out of here!"
Bobby and Dark Jinjo clashed once again "ENTERNAL STRIKE!" suddenly one of Dark Jinjos swords vanished from the clash and hurtled at Bobby from behind he ducked when he heard it coming, he then looked up to see Dark Jinjo holding both "cat got your tongue Bobby?" Bobby murmured something "what" asked Dark Jinjo "I AM NOT A CAT!" he shouted suddenly the tower rumbled the very supporting beams of wood snapped and then extraordinarily the entire top floor of the tower flew kilometres in the air, with Dark Jinjo and Bobby on it!
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