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Chapter 12 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Dark Jinjo and Bobby were at a stalemate. Everytime Dark Jinjo darted in Bobby would jump flip or roundhouse kick him. Shockwaves echoed from the battle streaking down apon Rwcity, Matso and Homsar had grabbed a camera and were filming the entire thing. The city was in ruins buildings were literally hovering in midair due to the climatic clash. Bobby flipped and jabbed at Dark Jinjo, Dark Jinjo grabbed parried and thrusted, Bobby dived. Raptor and Gobi were locked in combat, Gobi's claws darting in and out trying to swipe Raptors face as he parried with MHOT's rapier Gobi spat a fire ball at him but Raptor rolled and went for Gobi's legs he jumped.
Bobby struck Dark Jinjo in the chest, Dark Jinjo smiled as his skin closed over the blade Bobby tried to pull it out but it was stuck then Dark Jinjo screamed "ENTERNAL TRIUMPH" Bobby looked down at the hilts of the two blades he smiled to himself that he thought he could beat Dark Jinjo he closed his eyes. Jubilee was now leading the army seeing as Raptor was fighting Gobi she kept glancing up as if to be wishing Bobby luck it was then that she saw it. A massive dome of light erupted from Bobby's body consuming the rock and spreading over Rwcity. The suits of armor screamed as the light touched them they collasped into a scrap heap suddenly everyone began to run all except Raptor and Gobi they continued fighting and just as the light was about to touch them Gobi thrust his claw through Raptors heart and MHOT's Rapier was thrust through Gobi's they collasped locked in deaths embrace.
The bubble of light poured over Rwcity covering everyone and everything and just as it came it was gone. . .
Everyone gasped from Smouvy to Balobo then to Jinji and Gobi everyone in Rwcity awoke and each of them realised they were in a strange world resembling their own and then to top this all off a man with one golden wing wielding a lightning bolt "Bobby!" exclaimed Jubilee.
But just as all need to have a balance Dark Jinjo appeared bringing with him the night his dark green wing was black the sharigan had consumed him he was sharigan and sharigan was he the black tattoos were now his skin he wielded a mighty blade in one hand this was not the Dark Jinjo that they had once feared this was the Dark God the God that they had feared since the solar flare the whispering thing that was in each of there dreams the one thing that everyone feared. . . and Bobby was their saviour and everyone knew it.
"What is this Bobby?" asked D.J
"I created it in my last breath the powers that you were given were given to me as well, we are both gods and we should do our duty to keep the balance"
"this? this place. . . . IT IS BROKEN! look at the earth it hovers as if alive the very land is split by chasms. . . this is your wonderland?"
"no. . . .Dark Jinjo the Boulevard of Broken Dreams is your prison"
"foolish boy you think you can stop me the root of all evil?"
Bobby turned to the crowds of people "today my friends you decide your destiny today you can join me and stop Dark Jinjo today you can stop the end of the world the question is are you with me?"
Everyone cheered however Dark Jinjo was not to be trifled with he released his last plan the plan that he had planned and that noone else knew he had planned plan nocturnal night! Dark Jinjo turned to the crowd "you may all cheer but I have one last trick up my sleeve, I can look into your hearts and I see the evil you may call this evil fear I call it slavery, slavery that fear is sealed within your hearts so citizens I ask you this, can you kill what you fear the most?" and then fear was released. It was like many dragons pouring from everyones mouths it was like a snake as it wrapped round Dark Jinjo and then he commanded it to split suddenly many a beast rose from the ground from giant spiders to clowns, FEAR was no longer an emotion it was real.
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