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Chapter 13 War of the World

Fear manifested into life, what more could I ask for? Thought Dark Jinjo as he, like a demonic angel flew above his hellish army. He would rain terror apon his foes and begin the new age of the RWP, The age of the Dark One! The fears were the ultimate army along with being what people dreaded the fears were ten times scarier then the fear its self! Dark Jinjo chuckled he looked at his hand and frowned it was as if it was changing, he ignored this and continued looking over his army.
Bobby had summoned a tall stone wall he realised that sooner or later the fears would begin the ascent upwards and then would drop from the top into the crowd he looked over at the worried faces of the heroes he knew that the fears would be gorging themselves.
Many heroes had decided to put away there difference and team up enemies were now allies. Raptor was standing on Dragon Gobi’s back they were waiting for the fears to climb over the wall.
Jubilee, Kaz and YellowKazooie were standing with Green Matso on a huge floating rock along with other extraordinaries.
MHOT was laughing madly as he swung through the makeshift army to the front.
Galactic Mario, Jinji, Smouvy and Ban stood on a tidal wave waiting.

Dark Jinjo looked at his first wave he called them Zombozos the horrible mismatched combination of Zombies and Clowns. Behind them was the next wave a horrible abomination called the Spicowder it had eight legs, its udders fired bad milk, they were the horrible love child of a spider and a cow. Then the faceless these creatures scanned there opponents for there fear and then formed into them and of course these were the backbone of the army so sure enough thousands of them would pour over with the first two waves.
Bobby flew up to the wall and so did Dark Jinjo. Bobby summoned a grand trident, Dark Jinjo summoned a horrible blade “give up now” said Bobby “never” spat Dark Jinjo they clashed in midair striking blow after blow at each other light and dark, order and disorder, white and black, angel and demon “ATTACK!” screamed Dark Jinjo and the fears began there onslaught.
The fears were faster then anyone within ten seconds of Dark Jinjos command Zombie Clowns were jumping off the wall Raptor heard many people screaming and crying as Gobi flew in the air and charged them, Raptor summoned a bow and dark bolts and fired volley after volley into the fears.
Smouvy loved his modified shotgun he called it KABOOMIE Bobby had combined Bans, MHOT’s and Jinjis powers into it so depending on which bullet he decided to use it could be incendiary and literally consume from the inside, completely disable or freeze by the cold waters. Thinking about it Smouvy was a happy man.
The Monstrosity and Homsar were teaming up with MHOT as they all were in bloodlust literally shredding every fear that they came in contact with.
Suddenly Matso screamed out “THE FEARS THEY ARE REFORMING!” it was true the broken shreds of dead fears were reforming into shadowy figures these figures had mismatched body parts and it seemed the only hard thing about them was their enormous fists. “Do you like them? I call them hollow men no need to feel defeated though they will burn up if they die again” shouted down Dark Jinjo Bobby noticed that whenever a Hollow man died below Dark Jinjos tattoos seemed to be transforming his body further he realised if he didn’t defeat Dark Jinjo soon he would consume everything in this world and then be free to the mercy of the rest of the universe.
By now the Spicowders were dropping they made many a person piss themselves crying just by the share scariness of them.
Galactic Mario was pissing himself crying he was curled in a tiny ball just pissing himself a great puddle was forming underneath him Jinji and the others slowly backed away.
Smouvy fired round after round into the fears he would’ve got hit by a hollow man if it wasn’t for a mysterious figure who promptly shot it in the fore head the figure flipped into the battle.
Tanjo was the man who saved Smouvy’s life. He had two revolvers; Tanjo thought his power was awesome though everyone else laughed seemed to piss themselves laughing when they walked past him. . .Tanjo had an enormously large bulge in his pants.
Jubilee slashed a Spicowder in half with her hair, Kaz and YellowKazooie seemed to be beakbombing Hollow men and Green Matso was firing streams of rocks and every so often a boulder would hit him in the head.
The faceless were in theory giant living warships they plowed through the wall scanning people and depositing there fear next to them along with the exceptional amount of hollow men dropping from its sides.
Raptor realised the battle was lost they would keep coming and consume them all, he looked up at Bobby if Dark Jinjo thrived off fear then Bobby might thrive off hope! “EVERYONE! SEND YOUR HOPE TO BOBBY!”

Bobby was losing with every slash of Dark Jinjos blade he lost space and then suddenly a surge of power entered his veins 100,000 voices entered his mind Bobby grew brighter, stronger, faster, AWESOMER! “WE ARE ONE” proclaimed Bobby and he gathered his godly strength into his trident every hope, every will, every voice! “BEGONE DARK JINJO!” the trident flashed and at that moment Ice Mario opened his eyes “NEVER HAVE I FELT SUCH A SURGE OF HOPE AND CONFIDENCE MY POWER SHALL JOIN YOURS!” the voice boomed over the battlefield and suddenly a bolt of Red, Orange and yellow flew from it into Dark Jinjo then from the extraordinaries a wave of Green, Blue and Indigo and then finally a bright beam of violet flew through the heavens and struck Dark Jinjo “NOOOOOOOOO” he screamed as the rainbow of power hurtled him towards the ground as he spun his body lost shape it became dark and smooth. Dark Jinjo gathered the last of his power suddenly all the fears spun into him a tornado of darkness was forming with a horrible heart beating in the middle, the boulevard of broken dreams was imploding.

Bobby with his last ounce of godly power opened a powerful rift in time and reality to Rwcity here he then led the extraordinaries back into there own world.

The boulevard of broken dreams was absorbed into Dark Jinjo and then he exploded his dark conscience spread to the corners of the reality’s space that he had just absorbed then a chaotic sun grew in the middle its dark light spreading to the far corners of this reality. Deep within a sun a heart as hard as diamond beat within it swirled a dark conscience that was this reality and wasn’t Dark Jinjo had been reborn! He knew two things within that black prison.
The first was that this was no longer the boulevard of broken dreams this, this land was his prison and it needed a name that suited that face “I NAME THIS PLACE” the dark voice proclaimed “THE PANDORICA!”
The final thing and he was utterly certain of this.
Dark Jinjo would be back. . . .
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