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Bobby led the citizens of RWcity back to their former lives, and the battle was still fresh in their mind's eye. The citizens who had died looked at their lives anew. As they regained consciousness, they realized they had been given another chance. The citizens had changed; they would have to adapt the city to each of their unique powers and learn to get along.

Of course there would always be those who were evil such as Gobi, who became the new owner of Dark Jinjos castle, or MHOT, who had completely vanished. Some of the beasts that had gone mad in the fighting such as Homsar and the Monstrosity were locked away in prisons.

Tanjo was once again the president and Jinji was put in charge of the FWB. Smouvy opened up a shooting range and Ban was used as a moving target, Jubilee opened a hair salon and YellowKazooie and Kaz decided to work in an aviary. Mr L was shot down after trying to cause another Ice Age and then his corpse was put in storage. Galactic Mario opened an arcade and Matso opened a bar next to it.

But what of Bobby you ask? Well. Bobby, after draining all his power into the trident to strike down Dark Jinjo, had been returned to his normal state, however he now had a cool trick; he could age anything he touched in any way he desired.

Yes, it seemed that finally things had gone back to normal.

Evil laughter. . . .

Or have they?

By Gobi
Edited by: Dark Jinjo
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