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I got a more updated list of the Frying Pan/HomeRun Bat Image Modifiers, which you can get below, as well as a list of images available for modifying, and what values correspond to what image and their settings. And a few more codes also:

character looks at the camera modifier(Player 5/COM 4)(By ConkerGuru)
800CD699 000X
800CD69B 0000
0=is not looking towards the camera
1=is looking at the camera all the time
(Try this with TGMPoo, he will watch you all the time if facing the screen, excluding cutscenes.)

water height level modifier(doesn't affect any real water, only land is affected)(By ConkerGuru)
810A3120 C61C
810A3124 469C
810A3128 C61C
810A312C 469C
810A3130 C61C
810A3134 469C
The address before the last line "810A3134" i know raises and lowers the water height level of Players and CPUs(not counting any single player characters in Adventure mode), what the other 4 previous lines do i don't really know, but they must affect something. Setting 810A3130 to lower values will raise it. Setting it at between 4000, maybe even higher than that will raise it even higher. If you set the water height level high enough, you can swim out of bounds!!(it won't work in Count Batula's backyard, because it has a invisible roof)

Don't know if i put this here before, but i do it again incase:
Weird Characters(By ConkerGuru)
810CD4A5 0001
810CCB21 0001
810CCE4D 0001
810CD179 0001
810CD7D1 0001
810CDAFD 0001
810CDE29 0001
810CE155 0001
810CE481 0001
810CE7AD 0001
810CEAD9 0001
810CEE05 0001
810CF131 0001
810CF45D 0001
810CF789 0001
810CFAB5 0001
810CD4A7 0000
810CCB23 0000
810CCE4F 0000
810CD17B 0000
810CD7D3 0000
810CDAFF 0000
810CDE2B 0000
810CE157 0000
810CE483 0000
810CE7AF 0000
810CEADB 0000
810CEE07 0000
810CF133 0000
810CF45F 0000
810CF78B 0000
810CFAB7 0000
this code just makes characters in the game behave silly at the position they're currently on. digits can of course be modified if you want, but it's nothing of any use.. or is it? (a little note; try this in the level where you fought The Great Mighty Poo, but at a later point after he was defeated and flushed downwards the toilet. be ready to get to see something reeally strange.)

move Conker ANYWHERE you want him to go V1.4(By ConkerGuru)
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 00C0
810CC714 4000
D10CC714 4000
800CC7EA 0000
D00CC7EA 0000
810CC7E8 0000
D10CC7E8 0000
800CC815 0000
D00CC815 0000
800CC827 0000
D00CC827 0000
803FFFF0 0000
D03FFFF0 0000
D0042DA5 0020
803FFFF0 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC710 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC778 FF00
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC7EA 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC7E8 F700
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC827 0004
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC876 0000
D03FFFF0 0001
800CC815 00FF
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC718 0001
D03FFFF0 0001
810CC714 8000
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 000A
810CC710 40FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0008
810CC710 420B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0009
810CC710 42AB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0006
810CC710 C0FB
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0004
810CC710 C20B
D03FFFF0 0001
D0042DA4 0005
810CC710 C2AB
works for the character who Player 1 currently is, press L to activate this ability(if in cutscene, hold the L button down till the screen fades back in again, or else you will fall through the ground, leading to death. This happens at random). now you can move him around all over the place, including; collision detection disabled, no gravity, invincibility,(with the exception of certain traps like pits, the grinder in conkula's mansion(i think) and such) tricking and fooling your opponents. use the D-pad directions Up and Down to rise Conker/whoever you are upwards or downwards. slow down or speed up the up/down movement by holding down two directions at once, depending on if you hold up or down. either direction up or down+left direction slows it, and up or down+right speeds it up fast! Press B+A to deactivate the code at the desired position and height. hopefully this should be a suitable replacement for the moonjump cheat. There will be camera issues sometimes if you leave the area and reactivate the code again(the hack got a tendency to deactivate itself if you leave the area you were in, if you die, or go back to the bar(menu). I tried to fix this bug once, but it created another bug that let you have low gravity if the code is turned off), but going into first person look mode will fix it. It also creates a few other significant bugs(Just try riding the bull in the bull area. When the bull throws you off, and after a few seconds, you see the result).

The lists are located here below:
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