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I played from before midnight to nearly 2 AM the other day. I actually had 3 other talkative people who knew how to at least sail the ship, and although I didn't have a mic, they communicated with me and we found a ton of treasure. Only were chased by another ship once, but we got away with 3 rare chests, and celebrated by vomiting grog in a pub, catching it in each other's buckets, and tossing it back into each other's faces. Haven't had that much fun with randos in an online game since I was 16-17.

Originally Posted by Alakazam View Post
for anyone who hasn't played yet, here's how to get started when you go:

when you spawn you'll be in a town, find the people who give you voyages (one of them is in a tent with a key), pick the free one, go back to your boat and find the table near the map that lets you start a voyage
I just start in a ship with other players, unless you're playing the solo mode? One time I started on an island as well, with a ship nearby that we had to swim to.
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