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Originally Posted by cooliscool View Post
Love how the Banjo's Backpack guys refuse to acknowledge the fact that it wouldn't exist without my releasing the source to BG... I'm mentioned nowhere, but oh well. I'm not one to hold grudges, but it's quite clear that much of my code was used. :/ Granted they've exceeded its capabilities by miles, but without knowledge of the model format and N64 GBI, I doubt it'd ever have manifested.
While this is an old post, this post was brought to my attention yesterday on IRC. If it was bought to my attention earlier then not sure why I didn't reply, perhaps I did?

Anyway, certainly BG is a fantastic program and is mentioned a fair bit over on BB [example from ~2015], your name and the program's name appear in the release thread here:

and will appear in Help->About in the new version.

The original BB v1 was designed to look like BG (and on purpose too as like we have said over there many times it's a great program).

BB v1's F3dex interpreter and importer is based on source from Glide, Jario, (not sure if that was the domain name though?) and def snippets from BG, I also remember messaging xDan on the core about a few things when I started the model importer, but in general BB doesn't use direct source from any of those (though I do remember your VTX implementation) as it has expanded into animation and animation importing etc but certainly spring boarded my knowledge.

I wish this came to me over at BB and didn't take a year to get resolved.

BTW does BG do DK64 models?

I have written a setup viewer for DK here:

Happy to give the model file info if required

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