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Hi Skill, thank you for the reply, especially after enough time had passed for you to have just ignored it. I appreciate it
That post was certainly not indicative ofy feelings; I recall I was feeling slightly unrecognized and low at that moment, so I made it. Indeed, it is out of character for me to make such vain claims, as my goalnis simply advancement and enrichment of humanity in any way, I care not for the ego's cries for attention. I am elated that BB is as advanced as it is, and having inspired or aided in it is fantastic. Hope you reach your ambitions with it; from experience, I know it is a tall order to be truly finished with a significant piece of work. Respect, love and light, all of you. It is nice to reflect on BG and be happy that it enriched our little corner however it may have.

Oh, and BG only fully supports BK. BT models, outside of levels, work great, but I stopped before implementing IO of the common map asset bank, or however precisely map textures are stored. Dk64 was planned and I even engineered the format and logic, but never implemented it due to becoming despondent in life. Has a way of ruining ambition.

That being said, I plan to release something of a complete engine simulator, with a comprehensive, easy, quite large editing suite for a very popular game series; something far more than a simple viewer/extractor and something with ideas brand new to the game hacking & specifically the editor creation scene I hold so dear. Hiatus is becoming.. Tiresome! Hence why I checked this thread, for a bit of inspiration, to see this niche passion that I have, against my will but by cruel necessity and mental, well, complexities, almost forgotten I used to be so utterly devoted to, and which I used to derive so much joy from, away from petty behaviors. Ahh, how fond I remain.

Hopefully my silence will be shattered soon. Honestly, these ideas are old but without logical implementation and forgotten, but they may raise the singles devi editor bar a bit, which is good for us all. Lastly, I would like to commend BB; it is a hell of a piece of work. These ideas will suit it well when I unveil them, surely, ignoring implementation difficulties or codebase rigidity (always hard. Would like to see bb's source if you will share; I would love to add my uniquely intuitive concepts to it & help in general - bb could be modularized to serve as a template for editors for games, even leavinf game-exclusivities (asset formats, anything but GBI/uCode interpreting, recomplation, and execution, which could be a single class for every game N64 games, to the limits of our HLE understanding that is to say; where a low level approach for certain GBI setups would require disparity. Obviously, as we are a decade beyong BG's inception, as time would generally, but not implicitly, indicate, I am a very senior developer, and particularly adept in code optimization, UI perfection (I have had to create UIs for absolute morons that were no less capable than a pure hex editor), expansion and modularization of new and existing codebases, etc, as my daily engineering work for years has demanded such. I am def. not some clueless kid wanting to peek at magic, indeed I could add a lot. No worries if not. I just find it to be pretty ideal in many ways and from a fundamental perspective can be much more. )

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