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I'm working on a Dragon Quest type RPG about the RWP and stuff. Still working on the story. I am using RPG maker VX Ace for the engine and it's character creator for the characters. If you'd like to be in it, remember, I have little to work with. I'm aiming to give this game a very simple, chill but still challenging RPG with no more than 20-30 hours of gameplay.

Characters so far:

Blake (samurai)
Derek (thief)
Logan (monk)
Keegan (soldier)
Frankie (spellblade)
Mason (sage)
Miles (archer)
Max (goku) (spellblade)
Adam (soldier)
Jubilee (spellblade)
Siege (soldier)
Tyler (Goldenjiggies) (priestess)

New Details!

Autosave feature!
Battletoads Pause menu theme!
Fun, new sound effects!
More than 4 party members!
Enemies level with you!
The ability to retry after a game over!
4 Difficulties: Guest, User, Mod, and Admin!

more to come! Need female users so it's not a sausage fest, if any of you ladies would like!

(Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Projectia, the fair king, Alan Ice had left his kingdom to seek the mystery treasure 'Stop n' Swop'. A young man named Blake was VERY interested about all of this and eagerly awaited the King's return. A year later, the king had returned! Only to come back empty handed. Blake was very curious about this, so he left for the castle in hoping to ask the king about the mystery. Little did he know he would be embarking on the adventure of his life!)

Do you want to be in the game? Got any Suggestions? Got something you wanna contribute?

Post below!
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