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Originally Posted by Smouvy View Post
From what I gathered while the tool was in development:

Outside of Banjo-Kazooie's core mechanics, pre-existing enemies/collectibles and, like listed above, scripted events, you can change just about anything as you please. You could technically make a whole new game with it, it'll just feature BK enemies, BK Collectibles, BK Events and... well... Banjo and Kazooie themselves. I think you could even pull off making the game one big level instead of a hub world with several smaller levels, though that'd get me worried for the collectible counters in the game.
Here's some of the features not present in this version but we plan to add:
- Scripting support for custom NPC events.
- Number tweaking (Example: Max blue eggs you can hold, notes per level displayed on the view totals menus).
- Midi importing support (Although Subdrag's program does that just fine).
- Using the expansion pack for an extra 4MB of RAM to support huge levels.
- Expanding the ROM to 64MB which would give authors 48MB of space to use for everything. At the time you can't insert over another level if your level is bigger than the original but this will be fixed later.
- Optimal warping support (BK's system is weird, we haven't fully figured it out yet, but you can still use them).
- And more.

Don't worry though, you can do so many cool things with this version. We plan to let this program do absolutely everything possible for Banjo-Kazooie and so far we are on the right track. I'm excited to see this release too, I want to play some custom levels.

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