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It's really buggy, I was editing the cellar in MMM just to figure stuff out, and it crashed Microsoft framework multiple times, and randomly it would render the rom unusable, but recreating the exact things I did sometimes didn't make it unusable??. Also it causes some error when changing music in a level to something else. Also you have to enter and exit a map multiple times for the stuff to show up, or you have to die entirely in the level for anything to show up in the right places. I had it seemingly randomly move and change the size and texture of everything I placed, as well as making the SNS barrel to be able to be broken open via a peck?? I don't even know how to do that myself, haha.

EDIT: And sometimes it moves the existing entities, especially the fire from the candles, into random spots in the map, while making the tee-hees stay in their rigging pose, while being extremely tiny and replacing the flames on the candles. ???????

And now I get the "permanent loop that cannot be exited" when hardly doing anything at all different in the map? No comprende.
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