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Originally Posted by Coolboyman View Post
I'm going to set you all up with a version of Sketchup that exports .obj files. If you dont know how to make a model with sketchup google some tutorials.
That'd be great, since I'm already used to using SketchUp. Thanks, man. We all you a lot for this.

Originally Posted by DementedSun View Post
Also, I haven't read any tutorials on this, but I thought you could change the textures?

By the way, Anim8or exports in .obj, and it's /really/ easy to use for beginners, since it's what it's meant for . If Sketchup is too hard for people. I also noticed in this, sometimes warps work and sometimes it doesn't, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
Not a fan of Anim8or, used it before and it's too simple.
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