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Originally Posted by collecter View Post
It's been a long time since I first posted about this, but I wanted to update the info on it.
Anyone who is interested can help out if they want, or you can mess around with the source code and make something if you want. If I am able to make the game, it should change a lot from what it is now, and if I am unable to finish it, well at least someone can do something with it!

Some time ago I was just learning programming and wanted to make something like a classic Final Fantasy Snes thing, but I didn't have the know how to do so. I decided to make a minigame version, but then I just kept adding stuff to it until it got a little bigger.

I want to thank anyone who was interested in it when I first posted about it, but I also want to apologize to them for taking so long to get this far. It may not be done, but I wanted to give them something.

Source Code:
I'll give it a quick look when I can. I myself am just getting into programming and I'd like some examples to learn from.

Thanks for uploading.
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