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I'm glad that a new banjo game is comming out because now we actually have something to talk about banjo wise. because I remmember that for a few months, boards about banjo were REALLY boring.

BTW Davros, you reminded me of something that happened 20 minutes ago....

I was playing bK because I was bored and it's a fun game. then I looked at the SNS eggs on the items page, and something looked strange. a green, yellow, pink, cyan, blue, and red egg were there. Then somehow Yoshis story came to mind and thats when it hit me. all six of those eggs are EXACTLY the same color as the six yoshis in Yoshis Story!!


since theres space besides the ice key, there is room for two more eggs.( thats if you put them between and below the two eggs above.) Which could be secret eggs like the black and white yoshis in Yoshis story!!

I also thought of this from all the info pouring out of DK 64 lately about a connection. So what if it's really DK64 AND YS that could connect to bk! That would be awsome!

but this would have to take away the Idea of the fire key. But you know, the black and white eggs could be part of the information that freezes the game so there could be hope that at one time a black and white egg exists.

So what if you swaped the eggs from YS to BK INSTEAD of BT to BK???

I could be wrong about this but it can't be a coincidence. ( even though it probably is.) But I think someone should hack YS just to be sure. I mean you never know what you could find. or check Bk again or something. I don't know. I just think I might have something even though it might just be a color coincidence. or maybe they did have an idea like that at one time???
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