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I just noticed something

I finally have a Stop N Swop theory after so many years. It has to do with the levels in Tooie. Namely the three stages that don't have train stations. Mayahem Temple, Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Each of those stages apparently has some neat little special extra to make up for the lack of Train Station. Namely, Mayahem Temple has the Code Chamber, Jolly Roger's Lagoon has the jukebox for the sound test options. But Cloud Cuckoo Land is the only exception. I can't find any special extra anywhere in that stage. So maybe Cloud Cuckoo Land has something top secret in it about Stop N Swop. Or maybe I just haven't found anything like that yet. Well only Icy Guy and the hackers of Rarewitch can tell us. So what do you think?