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Essential Links:
The Rarewitch Project: Just in case you didn’t know there was a front page
Rarewitch Project GS/AR Codes
The Rare Witch Wiki Project: A huge source of information.
QQwref’s history of SnS: A useful backlog of general SnS information.
The Grey Jinjo: This is the Grey Jinjo. It’s very old. I think you should PM Grey Jinjo about updating this. Multiple times that is.
Banjordan’s Beta BK/BT: Old as dirt, but still has a ton of important stuff.
The old Banjo FAQs: Kind of outdated, but has an absolute ton of information. Please read this one as well.
Hatrickpatrick’s huge thread of stuff: This is so huge it’s not even funny. A definite thing to read though if you have the time.

The Useful Resources stack

Necro’d Thread: June 05: Text found in BT indicating Grunty’s Lair: Tower Room
March 06: Nothing behind the door near Grunty Industries
February 06: Nothing behind the rocks in the lair.
December 05: Odd locations resulting from Bottle’s Revenge
October 05: Reused textures: The end cutscene beach and RBB
May-August 05:
Beta JRL pipe information
August 05: Loading Spiral Mountain’s Bridge
August 05: Loading Spiral Mountain’s Bridge
July 05: JRL seagulls: The area near lagoon (flows into Blackeye discussion)
July 05: User generated stuff from the texture editor
July 05: Information on BK demo controls
July 04: The adult humor of the BK series.
June 04: Although posted by a spammer, contains valuable information on the railroad tracks near Grunty Industries
April 04: Discussion about Post SnS RWP. Mostly old information but still worth reading.
Necro’d Thread October 03: Flying bad guy at bottom of cliff; no real explanation expect scenery
September 03: Fighting Grunty again in BK (Not possible without GS/AR)
September 03: Archives: Old Rareware stuff on BK/BT.
August 03: Q/A: Information about hacking and the BK/BT carts themselves.
August 03: Can You Erase SnS (GS code inside)
August 03: The Slope Test room and speculation about other digits

Speculation and Questions:

July 05: Tower knocker door discussion
July 05: Ice Cave and the Rareware swap patent
July 05: JRL Seagull glitch discussion
July-December 05: Odd freeze digits in level modifier. (Floorless Banjo’s House; Spiral Mountain)
October 05: Grunty’s MMM gate: Nothing behind it.
September 05: Freezeeasy Peak and Bottles House stuff
September 05: Fungi Forest Speculation
August 05: Empty ledge that’s hard to reach in Grunty’s Lair (BK)
August 05: Empty ledge that’s hard to reach in Grunty’s Lair (BK)
July 05: Question about moonjumping, Atlantis and Mumbo’s hut
July 05: Areas in CCW at times other than…well just read the thread.
July 05: Wozza’s cave speculation
July 05: Two questions about Levitating and pumpkin transformations
February-April 04: Never confirmed information about a Rareware interview. Long topic alert.
April 04: Some Blackeye research
February 04: Short topic on Silo 8/9.
October 03: OMG it’s the Great Pumpkin
September 03: Fungi Forest; Ice pwns some noob.
August 03: TTC picture in BT’s Hag 1? (Answer: no, but there are battery ads inside.)
August 03: DK/BK connection?
August 03: DK64 and BK: Just stuff?
August 03: This has a lot of words and I posted in it. It’s probably important.

2004 information:
Hidden tracks 'o fun
WOW: Guys, check if this is true. Possible B3 revealed!
04: New secret found in BK! (Old)
I want play at the island of the end of Banjo-Kazooie
Grunty in BT playable!
Co-op / multiplayer mode in BK, with GS code?
Interesting stuff in Banjo-Pilot's memory. *SPOILERS*

The secret to GR's 5-star system revealed!

Stop n' Swap theories
I want to see BT/BK bugs
Banjo Kazooie: missions - BK come to moblie. did anyone hear about this?
Banjo Pilot - Time Trial Records is the best place..
A couple of questions..
SNS: Some answers = more questions
Grunty's funace fun
Questions.. who is steve malpass?
Not sure what I found here..
Text in memory
tour of rareware ltd. (May be fake)
Who are these guys?
rare's data swopping patent
I have Gold Jinjo Points, I have some award, I have a post count, I post when I am bored Boom de-yada boom de-yada.

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