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So I'm running out of room in a lot of areas:

8/14/06 Updates:

-Good links
You Tube videos: Pulled from the "This is extremely funny but true" thread. Has a full listing of various innuendos and such. (As well as the old BT commercial.)
Club Joe Interview = Fake: Awhile back a thread had popped up that linked to something of the interview variety. Said interview was not real, but it was a good laugh had by all. This thread explains that this is not real information. (Added 8/16/06)

Speculation & Questions:
-Hatrick's SnS thread v2.0: The Updated version of the old thread.
-BanjoPLs Tower of Theories: This is a tower made out theories or possibly theories made out of towers. Or it could just be a huge collection of SnS/BR/etc. ideas. (Added 8/16/06)

New! Happenings:
-The Great BK Investigation: An organized effort to map just about everything wierd in the game.
-The Current Screenshot Manipulation Thread: We've had a lot, but this one is the active one. Be it photochoppery, hex manipulation or MSPaintery, this is the place to be.
-The Trivia Thread: The currently running BK trivia thread. It's not your typical, run-of-the-mill style game though...

New! The Pile of Absolute WTFery
-Dance Dance Revulsion: MY EYES BLEED.
-Behold! The Power of...Swiss? Banjookie has made a cheese-like texture. Discuss here. (Or in every other thread he's posted it....)

(Further updates will appear here.)
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