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Wink Update

Just thought I would share a quick update.
I got mojo's CAFFextractor working but the files that it extracts are not related to the trolley vehicle save code at all, and when I put them into a vehicle save it made these. So they must have somehow been the wrong files or something. I looked into editing models and I tried swapping the medium engine to the small engine model and the game crashed :/ (when loading Showdown Town).
I lately have been on the Banjo's Backpack site and talking to Skill. He knows a lot about Nuts & Bolts models. Opening them in Blender, modifying them ect. But he doesn't know how to modify the showdown town vehicles . We may possibly look into this together but I really don't know. My theory is that some of the vehicles in the game (grunty's vehicles, AI vehicles, Trolley Vehicles) Are compressed in some of the files where "CAFF" doesn't show up anywhere, but it could also just be a mix of world BSP's.
However, the big 685374 file contains Humba's Blueprints. And when I edited them it actually worked. But when I edit any of these, it dosn't work. Including when I tried to edit 1 of grunty's vehicles I found (LocoCoco). EDIT: It actually did work but is was in the cinematic that her vehicle was modified.

Outside of that, I have figured out how to rip game sound/music from "Game/Bundle/50/685374". (In doing so I modified the Jiggoseum music:
And videos from "Game/Debug/36". Removed Clips I found:

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