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Rainbow What are you working on?

The creative cavern is mostly empty and that makes me sad. She comes, she goes like a cookie crumbling in the wind. Or, something to that effect anyway. So what are the good people of this site working on as of this moment?

I've been thinking about this fun little short story about a bard named Arvid who feels like his muse has been slowly drained over the years and comes upon a clearing looking toward a cliff where a woman in leather armor starts shouting at some man about all his "Evil deeds." "Clearly this is the end to some fantastical journey!" says the bard. As he watches in wonder while a fight ensues between the two figures. Eventually the woman shifts her weight just enough to plunge the man off the cliff and into the sea, and the bard begins to stir in excitement as he decides that an adventure is just what is needed to regain the must he lost ever so tragically.

He enlists himself to rid a nearby town of some bandit leader that has been causing trouble but almost immediately becomes familiar with iron bars and a small cage while the bandits further their 'brilliant' plan to steal some minerals from a sealed off mine. Reviling in despair, he waits for something to stir in his head but alas nothing comes to mind.

Days later a woman wanders into the camp clad in, wait! That's leather! She's here! But wait, no there are, too many bandits, she's going to...

As night falls he glances over at the girl he put his faith in. She, stuck in the same position as he, looks unamused. He tries to strike a conversation but she raises her hand "SHH! I need to hear this!" she says in a whisper.
I've been slowly thinking about this idea for the last few weeks so I have a decent outline for where it's all headed. I just need to actually sit down and write the damn thing.

How about everyone else?
Scoob Doob

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