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Originally Posted by SubDrag View Post
I guess before I start doing anything, is there anything that people desperately want to know that's of the advanced hacking type?
Hey SubDrag,
As Dan said, anything you have to teach us would be nice! I feel that N64 editing is a lost art and as much information published on it would be sweet.

On the same note however, I'm a huge bro and one thing that's been in the back of my mind this whole time is someday I'd like to update NFL Blitz 2000; Updated roster, allowing the start button to be pressed in season mode (for 2 player), and adding expansion teams (Houston Texans). I'd like to to breath new life back into the classic title in the same way people have with Tecmo Bowl.

So any tutorial that can show adding new things into a game would be awesome. Otherwise anything you can think of
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