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New Release! 0.05:
Better working Code Converter
Fixed stupid SNS item number thing
Added Address Watcher!!!
Added Hex To Dec (vise versa) Converter
Added display of X, Y and Z (Note: You cannot edit it, because I broked it )
Added Walk through walls (Thanks runehero!)
Added Banjo Image Modifier
Added ZKoopa to the credits

Oh and that edit x y thing in the options.. It won't do anything
Memory Searching It uses a different method of attaching to the process so you are going to have to re attach for the memory searcher, Most of you figured that out already just click "Try to auto Select to Process".

Thank you everyone for contributing, I had no idea on what to add for this 0.05 version which is why it took a long while to release
[Bruiserk] Try to get the value after you have set it. That will tell you if it is working correctly, Also note that you MUST use 1.0 of the BK ROM.

This version was NOT exe compressed, thus the exe is abou 4MB

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