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Runehero, how does one make a code such as that? I am familiar with searching values and what not using Renegade64 for health and basics, but walking through walls?
From what I can remember you can fin walk through walls by two methods. First is the Known value method, where we assume that when Banjo is free to move around the value is 1. when Banjo hits a wall he isnt moving anywhere but his character still has his animation, so filter the next value assuming it will be 0. Then move again and filter 1, run into a wall and filter 0 and repeat the process. Eventually you will get the address of what is stopping Banjo from moving around. The unknown value search is practically the same except you start the search with the "Unknown Value" search and when your running into a wall Filter "Value was < the last" and keep repeating the process. Its pretty easy if you have loads of patience

EDIT: Also Mike if you need Ideas for your next trainer im full of them How about.... Banjo Size modifire that would be pretty sick....also im not certain but i think there was a code that let u see the option for "Exit To Witchs Lair" ill try and find them in a sec..
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