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Originally Posted by qwertyo76 View Post
I honestly don't think Ridiculously Secret Area 1 actually means anything, or ever meant anything. One of the developers must've had it in as a joke, to tease hackers.

I retain my childlike sense of wonder and mystery, but no way in Hell are there still major discoveries like a whole secret area hidden in Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie. The games have been checked a million times over to ensure nothing else was left.

I mean this is the same game that had "Shouldn't Be Here Jinjo Family House" as an inaccessible location.
I didn't say that there is unfound area to find. I just tell you that there are flags (trigger) to activate 8 silos in the game while we have activated 7.

RSA can be joke for hackers or something like Naboo Starfighter in Rogue Squardon. Nobody knows. Rare never said a word about it. It seems that it was included very late in development because RSA 1 is set after Silo 8 and Silo 9 (which can be leftovers from Fantasy and Castle lobby, without proper name) and it isn't named as Silo 10.
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