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Back in the day, when Perfect Dark came out, everybody forgot about hacking Goldeneye and began playing Rare's newest first-person shooter. Hackers found many things in PD that were pieces of a magical thing called "Beta". Level names, Perfect Head, old weapons, extra options, etc. But nothing really compared to something I found while playing the game...

Now, this was a few months after PD was released, since I didn't buy it right away. I was playing in the Area 51 level while using my X-Ray vision. Searching in places I could not enter, I looked up in a vent. There I found a door with a keyhole (picture attached). After I posted this on a few sites, everyone was claiming to have found this new thing in PD and sending it into websites. People were clammering over this find. Why?

A keyhole. A keyhole? Yes, but why would a small door with a keyhole be hidden in an area you could never reach? Perhaps at some point you could access the vent system and approach the door. But who could ever fit into that small space and what would you use to open that door?

Just another theory, one more Rare puzzle. Now you know why us hackers love Beta leftovers and early screenshots.