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Mr. Fit: Fight a male Wii Fit Trainer in a timed match. The Wii Fit Trainer likes to jump.
Targitzan: Fight Duck Hunt on a stage with many gun weapons.
Old King Coal: Fight a giant Bowser on Norfair.
Lord Woo Fak Fak: Fight a Mii in a pirate costume on the bottom part of that Ice Climber level with the fish from Balloon Fight. The Mii has a Steel Diver equipped.
Chilli Billi & Chilly Willy: Fight two Lucases, one with Super Spicy Curry and the other spams PK Freeze.
Terry: Fight a Yoshi equipped with a permanent Jet Pack
Weldar: Fight a giant R.O.B. with a fire flower.
Mingy Jongo: Fight a metal Dr. Mario who randomly turns invisible.
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