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I created a new profile to post a reply. Im sorry for making another profile.
I was impatient , and I wanted another witness for not understanding how to use CAFF extractor. Please forgive me. This is my new, and [Only] Profile.

-I will talk to some friends who know Visual Studio, and I should be on my way modding the game . Hopefully. If I have any other further questions, Ill make them as short as possible.

The day you posted this:
Originally Posted by mojobojo View Post
Weighta, I took a quick look. What you are going to need to do is download and compile my CAFF extractor (can be found here) and extract the file "Game\Bundle\4f\234cec". There will be a file output with the name "aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcart,1219826133,3. 32". There are some other files like that too. Those are the vehicle files that I think need to be modified.
I was so happy I couldn't stay in my seat. I thought you had given me all the info to mod the game (which I was looking for, for 4 years), then I came down
to one question, how do I use this CAFF extractor? So I PMed you mojobojo, to have you put a vehicle in 234cec for me. But that was a demanding post.. I'm sorry for.
When you then replied "that's really not the way to get some help" I then got to my real question on how to use the CAFF extractor, And replied. So then I waited... and was checking the website every 5 minutes hoping for a reply. Then I made another profile for a fake witness. And those two profiles are banned. So now, I have three. And this one is the only one Ill ever have. But it will probably be banned soon anyway LOL.

-Thank You For Trying To Understand.

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