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Hey, nice to see I'm not the only old face coming out of the woodwork for this.

Originally Posted by Zondekel View Post
We already got Nuts & Bolts.
Hold me back, guys, I'm about to conflagration violent.

Banjo on Switch is so nice! I have to admit, it sucks to see that the same old emulation errors, like the texture tiling, haven't been addressed, especially given the price point. But I still shelled out for NSO and I'm having a great time.

I've seen a lot of angry Youtube commenters who think the Switch should have gotten the XBLA port but, for me, the nostalgia factor of having the original aspect ratio, font, life counter sprites, etc. is really nice. The XBLA ports were also just not polished to the same degree as the originals -- the cutscenes took forever to load and some of them caused huge issues, the organ in MMM played the same awful note over and over again, Jamjars' songs in Tooie didn't rhyme! They're small issues but the high degree of polish and attention to detail that went into the originals is why they're classics!
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